Found cause of FP3+ reboot : sdcard!

Hi there,
Just a new user of FP3+, which randomly rebooted. Under further investigation, I found that the old SD card (Samsung 32Go) was the cause of the problem: although I could read it (on PC and FP3+), I couldn’t format it (throws error), and although deletes seemed to function (no error), there was no effect on files.

So I replaced the card and everything’s seems to be fine now. Which might mean that my “old” phone (which rebooted and hanged randomly and often) is still probably perfectly functioning!

I might plan to keep the FP3+ though (despite a bit less powerful) to advocate for the brand :slight_smile:


Hi nice to hear you have some resolution. Just to be clear, in each case, did you format either card as Internal storage on the phone?

Already answered in another post that it was external

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Yes thanks. If this is what you mean, I had already acknowledged that in that ‘Topic’

I experienced the same issue some years ago.
The external SD card was broken. It could be read fine but nothing could be written anymore,.
This caused the phone to hang and reboot.
I copied its content to a brand new card and the issue was fixed.


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