FP2 turns kind of off by itself

Hello there,

when I first got my FP2, it was a mess as the camera didn’t work, there were random reboots, graphics glitches and other stuff.

Then I got it repaired and was quite happy since then (only the graphics glitches still happen from time to time), but for several days now, quite often the phone simply doesn’t turn on from standby when I pressed the power button. I’ve USB debugging activated, but if I connect the phone to my computer, ADB doesn’t see any device. Only a battery pull or pressing the power button for 30s or so helps.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

I really like the Fairphone idea, but if the phone doesn’t simply work, it’s just a quite expensive brick =/

Is your phone rooted? Does the LED still flash for notifications, but the screen stays black? -> Please continue here:

My FP2 has turned off while on charge overnight twice now in the last week, the screen is off but green charge light stays on - even when unplugged. Its definitely off and not frozen as I’ve missed alarms due to it. I can only turn it back on by disconnecting the battery first. Had many problems over the last 3 months since I got my FP2 but updates are fixing stuff and I’m holding on in there. I hope its worth it!

Hi there,

I’m having exactly the same problem : one or two times a day my screen just doesn’t react at all when pressing the power button. The only way to get it back is to reboot the phone !

I don’t know if you noticed something similar, but I think it might have something to do with webpages loading or videos playing, for example if I run a video in FB or make a search on Google, leave it open and then shut the screen off.

VERY annoying bug, just another one after the major issues (bluetooth audio, proximity sensor) that have thankfully been fixed now.




@paulakreuzer: Yes, my phone is rooted. There are several hints in that thread but I first wanted to try out 1.7.0 (unrooted) before progressing. Unfortunately, I cannot install 1.7.0 at the moment (see Cannot install 1.7.0)

Ok, so after a hint from @MaartenD, I successfully installed 1.7.0. I’ll let it unrooted for some days to see if that behavior comes up again.

I also have this problem with my fp2. Had this problem a few months ago then it work ok again, but now I have 2-5 blackscreens/day.

I’m closing this duplicate multiplicate thread as the OP has this issue.

Everyone else please try to find the right thread that describes your issue. Start at the #blackscreenguide for guidance.