Cannot install 1.7.0

The updater told me there’s a new version 1.7.0 ready to install. After downloading and rebooting, it tries to install the update but then fails with the following messages:

Finding update package…
Opening update package…
Verifying update package…
Installing update…
Verifying current system…
“EMMC:/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/boot:13987840:cfb381226e8447fb4c2196811ca55ce4effb392:13989888:d7be9794303713e21f083a0edf80db534fd1206a” has unexpected contents.
E: Error in /cache/
(Status 7)

Installation aborted.

Does anyone else have this issue? How did you make the update works?



I tried it several times.

At last the updater told me, it will try to download the whole file.

Looks like, that the updater tries to install an incremental update, which fails (because the download took me about 30 sec, the first two times)

Coming from Fairphone OS 1.6.2 we offer an incremental update by default, if you encounter any problems with it you can go into the Updater’s advanced mode and install the full OTA instead.


Thanks @MaartenD, that did the trick! :slight_smile:

same problem here.
and the full update fixed ist too.
maybe a (deliberate?) problem with rootet phones?

Now that is an issue getting me more and more annoyed when reading posts throughout different rooting related topics.
Fairphone gave us a unique never known before freedom with their latest smartphone.
We may repair it our self with new spare parts without loosing warranty and also having detailed tutorials provided for diy. Furthermore Fairphone offers an alternative OS we may run and provides us with several updates as well. It allows us to even root our phones without loss of warranty… that is a massive freedom.

Don´t think of any other big player giving even one of these options, but rather your b… kicked loosing warranty and support when revealing what has been done to “their” product.

There seem to be individual Fairphone users barely being able to read a tutorial for rooting their freshly bought FP2. But not really knowing what they are actually doing. Now when there are any issues with updates or using apps they cannot help themselves but start to complaint to the company expecting instant support to get their messed up devices running smoothly again.

Well, if these individuals don´t clearly know how to root this phone or properly alter a boot image for their own needs, it would be best to simply leave it up to those wise guys who finally set up these tutorials and also know how to deal with unknown and strange issues. Of course it is okay to use this forum for getting further assistance, but starting to complaint to the company isn´t the way it should be done imo. Just imagine, we have Fairphone on one side - all the big manufacturers on the other. See what we get from Fairphone after messing with the device. Imagine (or maybe have experienced in the past/by others) what the other companies give when experiencing what has been done to the device. Most propably the loss of warranty and/or a kick in your b.

Since these individuals messed up their new phones at least realize that it´s their own fault now at least try and find a more temper tone when expecting any further help from Fairphone after an update failed or else. They surely cannot help others incapabilities and never pushed them to do serious things like rooting to their new phone. Anyway they do care about them as they can offer an alternative option even updating these rooted, sometimes messed up phones.

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Well, you could have thought about this before posting … :smirk:
When you’re trying to install an incremental update over your (somehow) modefied version of Fairphone OS, you can be happy that the phone checks this and stops the update, otherwise it would most likely completely corrupt your phone.

FP cannot provide an incremental version for every modified version, so you’ll have to take the resposibility if you modified your OS and update the more “manual” way.


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