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@Paule, really beautiful pictures.
Just two things to consider.

  1. The camera has a resolution of 8 MP. So naturally not much “flesh” for zooming in. I actually think it’s pretty good for 8 MP. But I’m at your side, waiting for the upgrade.
  2. The pictures are automatically heavily compressed when uploaded to this thread / forum. So the original quality gets lost.

Have a nice evening!


I know, I know. :grimacing:

But just have a look to the second picture: even in my uncompressed version of the picture the grass just turns into a green mess.


Carnic Alps

FP2, Lineage OS, Open Camera, unedited



I would like to know, which camera app you used (and OS version). :blossom:


The last three pictures I posted were done with Open Camera on LineageOS.
I must admit, that I usually take several shots and only keep the best one.
Macros are sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. Depends on the light, contrast and especially the size of the object.
When the camera cant get the correct focus, I let it focus at another object at the same distance, pan back to my subject and focus again. This way I often succeed when subjects are too small.



FP2, old Camera Module, Lineage OS, Open Camera, unedited


Wow, Paula, you are setting a high bar that will be a hard challenge to exceed for the new camera module! :thumbsup:


Summer holidays 8/2017
Open Camera | Non Edit | FP2

Cycling through Baar-Cham-Steinhausen (Kanton Zug)

Mount Rigi

Lake Lucerne

Lake Geneve

Shooting in Bernina Express

Lake Zug


“Steadyhand” Paula :stuck_out_tongue: those are some difficult lighting conditions for a phone cam

(btw, the Laocoön thumbnail doesn’t link to the high-res photo)

Anyone with the new module have decent before/after shots for direct comparison?


I did some picture with the new camera module today while walking through the town. Nothing special, just point & shoot, no editing:


A close up with some tomatoes and herbs, shot with the new camera.


Changed the module today with these results:

New Fairphone 2 camera

Old and new?

… and a few more characters…


yes, old and new…


Did you change the resolution to 12mp? It seems like the pictures are the same size and resolution, no?
Edit: here’s the link to know how to change resolution: read section “after”, point 3


Yes, I already changed the resolution, had read section three and did it manually, resolution is definitely different to my eyes!


Ok. I am no specialist. I just saw that both pictures were around 2MB and that both were around 2440x3260, which is the size of 8MP pictures. That’s why I wondered. Maybe are the pictures compressed by the forum? Someone else should have an explanation to give us.


New 12MP camera module, latest Lineage testbuild, open camera. Pictures are not edited by me but compressed by the forum software during upload.


<img src

Kensington Market Toronto Canada

My horse looked like a cow

Some artwork

Non edited photos