FP2 - Pictures Gallery

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Pictures taken with FP2 (8MP module) :smile:
Post yours :smile:

These first ones come from “FutureZone”:

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:pencil2: Gallery of cool pics found on the forum

Are those the “real ones”? There is no exif info (iso, shutter .,…) and they feel small. Looks like there will be an update module soon :wink:


At least the journalists uploaded them as such…
they made even more pictures. direct link to the gallery: http://futurezone.at/produkte/fairphone-2-im-test-ein-statement-fuer-mehr-nachhaltigkeit/168.901.638#168890385,168889481


Looks much better, exif info is in there. Thank you! Often very low ISO, often slow shutter. Maybe not best examples. Looks like it the sensor/camera/app has some exposure issues, but that could also be the person using it :smile:


Didn’t someone post some panorama pictures to the Facebook page the other day?


Haven’t seen them. Maybe someone can link them back into this thread here as well. I’m sure the sensor will do great in sunlight. It would be nice to keep some full res pictures in one thread for further reference.


I tell a lie, it was on an unaffiliated Tumblr. And probably the FP1, too.


Pretty, though.


You made an interesting mistake :slight_smile: Nice pictures, I like the grainy b/w ones, the rest feels a bit to colorful … no let’s say “hipstamatic” these days to me, but maybe I’m just old school. There was an other thread for FP1 pictures somewhere.


And all of them taken in our beautiful VIENNA! :heart_eyes:


New pictures, by Tweakers.net


Look at THIS: it seems that the right side of the photo it’s blurry. And it’s not the only photo that have this problem


Lucky FP2 Owners,
would you share some nice pictures here?! :smile:


Because of the cool SW mug ?! :wink:


I’ve just noticed this photo, and…are those people all meant to be “Black Peter” who follows around Santa Claus/St. Nicholas? Is that still a thing? I would have thought he’d be retired, what with the shaky racial politics of the character…


Thanks Ed. I did not pay attention to the scene at all. I do not like neither. I edited the post, removed this sample pic.


These are pictures taken in Antwerp. In Belgium, we don’t really have much discussion on this topic. Tale goes, he’s black from climbing down the chimney, not because he’s a black slave… So nowadays, most Black Petes have soot stains instead of a complete black face.


I never really realized how dirty my pocket calculator is before quickly testing the camera of the FP2 :blush:

Nonetheless, it seems that the quality for a close up is quite ok.


Is the document under the calculator printed in low quality?
Because I see some dimmed black text in it.


Yes, it’s a bad quality print from an old laser printer where the toner needs to be replaced :wink:

I just feel that the colors are over saturated, but I guess that’s pretty much the trend these days. It’s hard to find images in the web where colors or contrast is anywhere near reality (edit: but that of course is an software issue, on the processing side of the raw information).


Also, there’s always photo-editor apps with colour correction, etc., to deal with it.