Better Camera FP2

Dear FP team,

My company is interested in switching to Fairphone. But to us the camera is important to take pictures of day to day activities. Would it be possible to bring out a new camera module since many test reports show the camera quality is poor.

Thanks in advance,



To contact the team please do so directly through the site. This is a community forum.

Possible definitely, but I don’t think the FP team has the time (right now) to do so themselves.

We have a wishlist for modules and a thread about community created modules that already exist.

I wouldn’t call it poor quality. I’d let you get away with “mediocre” but check our gallery and you’ll find the quality is quite decent.


Hey FP-community!

I don’t have that much money lying around to buy a new phone every two years or so, but as of now I could afford one and would very much like to purchase a fairphone 2. But after reading some reviews, I see that the hardware really isnt that up to date. I dont care about the CPU, because I dont play games, but what I do is take a lot of pictures with my phone. So here is the question which will make my decision: Will there be a better camera module any time soon? (Because 8MP arent really that much^^)
Thanks in advance!

Hi Hint

Yesterday i went to the disco Heuboden.
There i took this photo.

So you see the camera isn’t that bad. I guess/ hope they would ship camera updates every 1.5 or 2 years.
(The old one should be shiped back, so it could be usw as spare part.)

Any news? I read that there might be a new camera module released in 2017. Is that confirmed?

Confirmed as in you read about it because Fairphone went public with it: Yes.
Confirmed as in there is a date set yet or at least it’s 100% certain that nothing unforeseen can happen to postpone it to 2018: No.