FP2 - Pictures Gallery

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FP2, OpenCamera (unedited)


NYP campus, Singapore

NYP campus, Singapore

HDB housing in Singapore (OpenCamera)


Your pictures look a little yellowish but could be my phone display. Besides that - nice city views.


Yesterday we took a walk by the lake “Schweriner Innensee” near Rabensteinfeld.

My FP2 seems to develop a slight focusing issue that I will have to deal with.
But back to the pictures :wink::+1:t2:


Last week I took advantage of the great spring weather and went xc-skiing a couple of times.
I have to say, I wasn’t too happy with the results of the FP2 camera, which seems to struggle with bright motifs not much less than in low-light situations (or maybe I am just too used to the quality of DSLRs). Here some of the better results (basic edits):

Both pictures from Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Oh, and a reindeer walking by in front of the kitchen window (photo taken through the glass; unedited):


Walk by the lakeside part 2 …


Some pictures shot with my FP2 on a walk through the forest near Hülseburg, a small village in Mecklenburg with a nice little artificial but old castle ruin.


FP2 Google panorama edited with Lightroom.


The ice is melting.



Today on a walk through the city of Schwerin…

Made with a FP2 running Lineage OS, default camera app.


Wow, your photos look great! :+1:

Does Fairphone 2 shoot better pictures with Lineage OS than with Fairphone OS? Seems to be so…


Thank you @Gerry!
Beforehand with FP Open I used Open Camera.
Since Lineage is very fresh to me yet I have not compared the pictures side by side but its camera seems very useful to me. It has lots of options to play with.


Schwerin continued …

FP2 on Lineage, default camera app.


Today it’s grey and rainy in Schwerin. Time to show some sunny picture postcard views I catched on my walk on Tuesday.


Beautiful pictures, you really are an excellent photographer! :clap: :thumbsup:



Sunrise in Rostock. Taken with the default camera on Fairphone OS.


And another picture taken at „Blaue Stunde“ really early.


In this picture, the colors are captured well, but you also notice a lot of noise and some blur.


Some snapshots from my trip to Zillertal in Austria:

All pictures are taken with the default lineage camera app (snapdragon camera). I added some slight editing with Aperture.

Berliner Hütte

I like the pictures as long as I don’t zoom in - than the quality is getting lousy. Can’t wait for a better camera module. :grin: