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I’m still stunned by the amazing quality… :camera: :heart_eyes:


Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig


FP2 first camera, unedited.


FP2 first camera, LOS stock camera, unedited.


FP2, New Camera, Google Camera APP

Moritzdorf, Rügen


FP2, Open Camera, unedited

Zug in Switzerland


FP2, Open Camera, unedited

Luzern in Switzerland




FP2 original camera Lineage, unedited.


Such beautiful pictures here! Very inspiring, thanks everyone.

I haven’t had much success with my photography, and gave up long ago.

Gonna give it a retry with the new modules.


Please do, its a very good camera!


I did a hike on this beautiful autumn day and took the following pictures with my Fairphone 2 and the 8 MP (old) camera. All pictures are taken with OpenCamera and DRO active.

My impression is that DRO is indeed improving the dark areas but sometimes the entire picture looks “too bright”. I will try to do comparisons with and without DRO next time.


Still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can you check EXIF? Made with LOS 14.1.

Both pics made at bright daylight (1 nov ~12:50)

width/height 4096 x 3072
resolution 72 dpi
bit depth 24
resolution unit 2
color representation sRGB
camera maker Fairphone
camera model FP2
exposure time 1/236 sec.
ISO speed ISO-100
focal length 4 mm
flash mode flash, compulsory

(Cause my first close up decided to not use flash and it made a difference in quality IMO)

width/height 4096 x 3072
resolution 72 dpi
bit depth 24
resolution unit 2
color representation sRGB
camera maker Fairphone
camera model FP2
exposure time 1/60 sec.
ISO speed ISO-114
focal length 4 mm
flash mode no flash, auto

I guess I used zoom too much and it isn’t optical zoom so its a loss of quality? Correct?


I never made good experience with the “digital” zoom, which in reality is just a reduction of pixels taken. My experience is that the picture appears to be not really in focus. Therefore, I am “zooming” into the picture afterwards on my computer.
When doing a close up, you can select the “macro” function (looks like a flower) in Open Camera. Still you cannot go too close, as the focus is limited. Carefully watch your picture.
Usually when taking a picture, I tap on the object I want to have in focus. I am using “autofocus” not “continuous”. This way my pictures got sharper.
As with any new camera, it is good practice to spend a day outside and try all the various settings to come up to a configuration you really like and feel comfortable with.


First Snow
Open Camera on LOS, old Module, unedited

and edited (auto color correction):


Wo hat es denn jetzt schon geschneit? :grinning:


In meinem Garten (Wien). :slight_smile:


The beauty of evil
air-contamination-caused twilight beautifully reflected on animal-cruel-thawing-salt-wettened path
Open Camera on LOS, old module, unedited.

Camera advice sought from former iPhone users

Once again a video, made with Fairphone 2, the 8 MP camera, and OpenCamera. No special settings, no edit (thus the video is 200 MB big): https://vimeo.com/247038014 or at my account https://vimeo.com/permondes .

It shows the window of a shopping center in München. Every year before X-mas they put animated Steiff-teddies on show. Really nice and not only the children like watching it.
It’s been made in the evening with nearly no natural light.