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On a walk trough the forest near the river Warnow…


Hi everyone. Very nices pictures here !

Here is my first contribution from Beijing in China.

Gulou district, from my window.

Sanlitun Soho

Spritz on the rooftop with candels :slight_smile:

My working place under the rain.

All of them taken with Google camera :slight_smile:


On my way back home, passing by Houhai lake …


Last night, not far from Nanluoguxiang …


Bamberg, Domlatz / Alte Hofhaltung (during Praisenight 2016)


Bamberg, Michelsberger Wald


Nachtkerze, Rose & Schmetterlingsflieder


How about this?


On a cycling tour near lake “Schweriner See”.
I was glad to have my FP2 with me.
I love the camera.


skyline of Frankfurt - taken by a FP 2


If I understand it right, users who can’t be present at the #efct16 can participate too?

Just asking because I happened to pass by a nice sunrise when taking the train this morning… :slight_smile:

FP2 unedited (but taken trough the window of a moving train)


I am afraid to disappoint you:

Nice shot though! :relaxed:


I hoped it would mean “the participants to the contest” :wink:


Google camera panorama, not edited.
SanLiTun, Beijing.


This one probably doesn’t count for the EFCT contest as it’s taken today in Belgium rather than Amsterdam, but I’m showing it here anyway:

Taken at Grottes de Han, Fairphone 2 unedited


FP2 not edited
Bois du Cazier, Marcinelle, Belgium

FP2 not edited
Metro Maalbeek, Brussels, Belgium


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Seen on a walk through the Siebendörfer Moor near Schwerin.