FP2 - Pictures Gallery

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Bei uns in Österreich ist Christi Himmelfahrt… :wink:


Cute little daisies … :relaxed:




A bumblebee on the floor, seen on a walk near the village Gollwitz at the coast of the baltic sea.
It was alive and enjoyed the sunbeams. After the shot we helped to leave the dangerous area. The picture is cropped.



Schwerin, Pfaffenteich.



Fränkische Schweiz, Seigelstein


Kappel (Lenzkirch), Black Forest

Open Camera, no editing (only resizing because it was too big for the forum)


CameraMX. Natural light. No editing.


A delicious cup of coffee in the morning …



Since it fits so well to the whole Fairphone project:

This is an (FP2) image from the nickel smelter in the town Nikel, in Russia. As you can see, the SO2 emissions have completely wiped all the vegetation over a really vast area (i.e., the mountains in the background should be covered by forest, but there’s only yellowish soil/rocks).

If you are interested in this smelter, I also wrote a short entry about this in my blog last year, or you can also find some interesting articles in the old Barents Observer.


Photo taken at “Annie’s Kiosk”, a Hotdog Takeaway and traditional meeting point for bikers (at Ochseninsel, Flensburger Förde, Danmark). Hint: My Fairphone2 is on that image at least 4 times …



Candid shot of my growing Snake Plant (also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue), with new “Pups” emerging. Done with Open Camera, no editing.


Sunset above Pottenstein, Fränkische Schweiz, German (done with OpenCamera)


Sunset over Saarbrücken, Germany. Taken with Open Camera


This creepy creature was in my car today.

I helped her out :blush:


Did you file a bug report? :wink: