FP2 - Pictures Gallery

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The FP2 really loves close-ups in daylight!


Night photos can be quite good-looking as well considering what camera the FP2 hosts.


Blokzijl (The Netherlands)


Near Kalenberg (The Netherlands)


We were almost in the village “Nederland” (Netherland) in the country The Netherlands.


Near Kalenberg (The Netherlands)




If I see all those picture here I was just wondering which App do you actually use to make the pictures? The build-in Google App, or anything special, more advanced?


I switched to Open Camera quite long ago.


Here’s another Open Camera user.
For a little post editing I use the free app “Photo Editor” from the developer dev.macgyver.


Taken with the built-in AOSP camera app (FP Open OS):

Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain. Not edited. CC-BY licensed.

Taken this Summer from the center of the park’s unique lake. We have a word for that special coloured sky clouds on Spanish: arrebolada. Not very used, though, but beautiful word.

The internal patio of a house in a famous street, Madrid, Spain. Not edited. CC-BY licensed.

Taken this May. I was astonished by the beauty of this unexpected patio. From the outside, a famous street in the center of Madrid, no one is aware of the existence of this kind of hidden beauty.


On an evening walk along an old postal trail called “Alter Dömitzer Postweg” near Schwerin in Mecklenburg, Germany.


Falls Du einen Tipp gebrauchen kannst: wenn Du solche Motive wie das mit der Bank hast, auf dem Lichtflecken überstrahlen, dann nimm die Belichtung mit der +/- Korrektur runter um mindestens eine Blende. Die Überstrahlung kannst Du in der Version oben nicht mehr bearbeiten, aber ein etwas unterbelichtetes Foto kannst Du problemlos mit Gamma aufhellen und die Zeichnung im Hellen bleibt erhalten. Ausprobieren.


This is my home town of New Hamburg. Fall weather is in full swing!


Beijing Summer palace

Hong-Kong island


PF2 unedited, google camera.


Is it okay if we post pictures taken on the Fairphone of Art we’ve done?

I’m doing 31 robots for #inktober 18in x24in


Wow, I think these even deserve their own thread. Maybe we can have a forum art gallery?

PS.: Which themes do the ones you posted have? I saw a list with 31 prompts on the inktober webpage.