FP2 Frequent crashes requiring reboot by holding power button >10s

Hi, I am loving my FP2. One issue tho is that in the past 5 days it has crashed 3 times, each time requiring me to take out the battery to restart it.

The first time I was on the phone, and moving from a wifi coverage to non-wifi (don’t know if that matters… ), and the screen went black, but would not restart. The other two times I have been using apps and the first the app crashed, and then the screen froze. The first app was the Sunrise Calendar, the second was google maps, so seems to be random…

Anyway, don’t know if any of the above info is helpful. And also, maybe it’s just me given noone else has reported the problem, but either way, I’m going to struggle if it crashes 3 times a week…

NB, I bought myself a guitar plectrum to replace the back cover, and I would recommend something similar to anyone who has to replace it frequently. I was leaving it not completely covering the bottom corners but it was starting to damage the cover.


Crashed again this morning :frowning: I was using google inbox, and I had just turned on my wifi. So maybe it’s connected to changing from one connection type to another.

@paulakreuzer Is there a reason this has been moved from being a bug report? In my mind crashing 4 times in a week during normal usage is a bug…

Does it freeze (and not react) or does the screen go black?

If the second is the matter, at some other topic in the forums (don’t remember which) there was the idea to remove the screen and attach it again in the case that there is some problem with the connection.

If it freezes softwarewise this wouldn’t help I guess.

It doesn’t react. It stops reacting to touches for a few seconds, then just goes blank. I got this too - when scrolling away in Aurora or TinfoilFacebook, and once when sleeping. I was literally asleep and relying on my phone to wake me up next morning, and it froze on its own :frowning:

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Same for me. Except most times the screen has not even gone blank, it just froze in place. Then it doesn’t respond to any touch and no apps update. Eg my alarm was on snooze but did not ring

@rachels42 Do you use the stock image or a self-compiled one? Mine is self-compiled, but I vaguely remember having the issue with the stock image as well.

Vivia, sorry, what do you mean? The stock image of what exactly?

Of the Fairphone. If you didn’t flash a different image, you have the stock one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have the stock one. :slight_smile:

Ah, just googled, and, no, I didn’t flash a different image :smile:

As long as a problem can’t be reproduced by many users we usually don’t consider it a bug. Also you’ll usually get help faster in the help category.

You could try a hard reset, but be aware that it deletes all your data.

what happens if you push the power button in to lock the screen and then unlock it again, anything?

Hi, just wanted to state that same happened to me twice within the last 3 days, in both cases I wasn’t actively using the phone - just found it to be not responding to anything when I picked it up again and the screen remaining black.

Maybe it could have been related to ongoing app installations? I think that was common for the 2 times in my case.

After all I had to remove the battery and then I could start the phone again.

Besides also random resets happened to me a few times already (e.g. found it asking for SIM pin when I picked it up this morning, which only happens after a reboot)


my FP2 crashed / restarted itself today 5 times (within 3hours range).
Id never happend before and started today just right after I switched the 4G/3G mode to my second SIM Card.
After switching it back to the “old” SIM card it worked fine again.
So in my case its definitely caused by one of my SIM cards and the data transfer with 4G/3G.


How old are your SIM cards?

For crash analysis, I would again suggest to plug the phone in ADB, start an adb logcat and wait for or make the crash happen. If you post here the last log lines just before the crash, some geek on the forum might be able to get a clue about what is happening.

Hi all!

I just registered in the Forums to look about this issue, and saw that is happening to other people as well.

I’m happy with my user experience with the FP2, except that it happened to me exactly the same problem described in this thread, two times in 3 days. In both cases, the phone were just laying on the table next to me. I took it and saw it is unresponsive, screen pitch black, no feedback from any button press.

Second time I connected the phone to the computer via USB cable, to check if it was just a screen issue, but the phone went undetected by the computer. So I guess it just shut off.

Only after remove the battery, and then put it again in place, I was able to switch the phone back on.

I have stock ROM r4275.1_FP2_gms36_1.1.7


@Jon1 when the screen freezes it freezes, so I can’t lock the screen. I have at least found I can restart the phone by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds. When it restarts it works fine until it crashes again. It has at least only crashed once in the last week

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@jaymanu just googled and is an adb an android debug bridge? If so, does the phone have to be plugged into anything, or can it just be running in the background. I can’t predictably say when my phone will crash and it might be a few days before it crashes again

The SIM card that works fine: 1 month
The one that is not working: 1 year

There is a slight possibility that the SIM card of 1 year old is to old.
Perhaps you could try a SIM card from somebody else in your phone to see if it’s really your SIM card that’s having a problem.