My FP2 is going crazy


Since several weeks, my FP2 is having serious problem with its screen and apps in general.

First of all: every morning, when I wake up, I unlock the screen and the phone works great, but the second time I try to unlock the screen, it just doesn’t respond. It’s always the second time, and I’m forced to remove the battery and turn it on. This can also happen a few times during the day, no matter if I’m using it normally, with battery-save mode on or hard use; the screen suddenly doesn’t respond when I try to unlock it.

Second of all: since today, every time I put my FP2 charging, the next time I turn on the screen from and I see the unlock screen, it’s freezed and I can get passed it. I’m forced to do the battery thing again or to turn on/off the screen infinite tomes.

Third of all: again, since today. I can’t open apps Facebook or Instagram, and Whatsapp or Gmail work poorly, like a saw in relation with frames per second. Plus, from time to time the notification of “Facebook app has been forced quit” appears, even when I don’t have such app opened.

I don’t know what to do. If you have any advice, I’m willing to hear them. But trying to dismantle my phone won’t work: even if I unlock the blue parts at the bottom of the phone, I still can dismantle it. I don’t know why.

Thank you in advance for your help.

That is an interesting observation, but it’s not a new issue and removing the battery is not the best solution:

Check this out:

Thank you. I’ll try and I’ll let you know after :smiley:


It’s been a couple of days since I dissasembled the modules and screen as the previous post, but it doesn’t work. The FP2 worked perfectly for a day ans a half, and then suddenly did the locked screen thing once a day, though yesterday it was three times. Just this morning, the alarm I have for waking up sounded, but the screen didn’t unlocked and stayed in black, so I was forced to do a hard reboot or the alarm wouldn’t stop.

I seriously don’t understand why this is happening. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be a permanent solution.

Was your phone plugged in over night or the other times this happened?

If so it could be this issue caused by a bad cable or charger.

If not it could be a hardware issue so you should contact support. In urgent cases it’s best to call them.

Doesn’t matter.

Yesterdat my Fairphone 2 was stolen. I feel angry and useless, mostly because it was in my closed pocket and I didn’t feel anything until I noticed my phone wasn’t there anymore. I’ve blocked the SIM and Whatsapp, changed all social networking passwords and de-syncronise my Gmail. Plus, the smartphone alone has a patron, so it won’t be easy to access.

I want to thank Fairphone for building this amazing company and product, and the community, for being always so helpful and close. I was a proud Fairphoner since the beginning, and I “quit” this community feeling nothing but proudness.

Thank you, and farewell. If in the next years you release a new smartphone - hopefully even better and more stable - you already have a buyer.


Oh no! I’m very sorry to hear that! :frowning:

If you haven’t yet please report your stolen phone’s serial and IMEI numbers to Fairphone Support.
They have a list of stolen phones so if someone tries to resell one they can identify it as stolen.

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