FP2 doesn't want to turn off, even with light on

My FP2 doesn’t want to turn off. When he did it, few second after, he turn on.
I saw a solution on the forum: turn on flashlight and then turn off the FP2. It works, but for a few days. And now, it doesn’t work anymore. What can I do?
Thanks for all :slight_smile:

The phone is free to USB or charger. And Bluetooth is already turn off.

Don’t you also feel a little frustrated by always giving the same weird advice without seeing anything official from Fairphone? Real question, as I’m not able to re-feel your ongoing motivation ;).

What I find frustrating is that the forum search comes up with old, locked and partly unrelated topics when I try to search for the current threads about this issue that I know do exist.
If the forum search is that bad I can’t blame newcomers for not finding the existing information.

Not sure if official communication about this by Fairphone would help much (it will help somewhat, sure). On Twitter people ask the same questions again and again and again when all they need to do is scroll through the last 12 posts/replies by the official account.


Right? It’s a pain. I tried to find this topic too today. Now I found out why I didn’t find it, also not under the tags #bootissues or #flashlight : It’s a German topic:

I try to make sure all topics have at least one relevant tag, but since non-English topics are “automatically” tagged these often slip through the cracks.


A little :slight_smile: .

While having something official from Fairphone would be preferrable (and I’m really puzzled about what’s Fairphone’s problem with that, I’ll give you that much), what would this change?

We would be always giving the same links to official Fairphone statements then instead of always giving the same weird advice.
Doesn’t make much difference in contributing itself to me :wink: .

When searching, I mostly sort by Latest post or Latest topic. Doesn’t always help, but more often than not it’s better than Relevance :slight_smile: .


Just update to 18.09.2 and same problem:
pressing the power button I get two options, “power off” or “restart”; tapping either results in restart. Torch trick doesn’t do it for my FP2

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