Cannot switch off my FP2

Fairphone 2
OS: Fairphone Open 18.10.0

After upgrading Fairphone Open to version 18.10.0 I can not switch off my FP2 any more.

When I press the switch in the top left corner I get two options: reboot (Neustart) and switch off (Ausschalten). However both options do the same: reboot of the phone.

Does anybody has made the same experience?

It’s a known bug. Believe it or not, turn on the FP2s flashlight (“Taschenlampe”), then shut down the device. It should now shut down without rebooting.


That would be odd … 18.10.0 perhaps? Then @urs_lesse would be right.

Thanks for the quick reply. This trick works :laughing:

May you send me the link to the issue in the bugtracker please?

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Yes, I have updated to 18.10.0. I have just corrected my post. Thanks for pointing out.

Today I have noticed that I have the same problem. And the Torch trick works also for me.

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The „Torch-Trick“ (with flashlight) worked on my FP2 (OS 18.10.0) since I have activated the „System UI Tuner“ (advanced satus bar). Thank you for your report.

Der Trick mit der Taschenlampe funktionierte bei mir FP2 (OS 18.10.0) erst, seit ich den „System UI Tuner“ (Erweiterte Statusleiste) aktiviert habe. Danke für deine Vorinformation.

It’s a problem with my FP2. They now tell me it’s a known fault. I would not have bought it had I known. Selling a product with a known fault, without warning the customer is unlawful. The COOP makes a big thing about ethics but I feel I have been cheated. I am one very disappointed customer.

A known fault with a very simple known workaround … just activate the flashlight before shutting down.
A fix for the bug is in beta testing currently.

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For what it’s worth, the Phone Co-op appears to be slow in updating it’s website - the specs say that the phone comes with Android 6. This problem only occurs on Android 7. If they are shipping it with Android 6, they might not even be aware of the issue. The issues with the current version of the update could be better communicated by Fairphone, that’s true.

Anyway, if you feel strongly about this: if you bought the phone online or by phone and it was delivered to you less that 14 days ago, you could cancel the sale (and contract, if applicable) as set out in the consumer contracts regulations (see for example Which?).

With the new Android update 19.02.1 the bug is solved. Well in any case for my open source FP2.



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