FP2 cracked case after 3 weeks (see first post)

You are right in both descriptions.I already posted my problems to support, have to wait for an answer, I suppose.

Ooh, is that the new case I sent you!?

Yup, unfortunately :frowning:

Is this a similar crack?

Hey @Joachim_Schmitt this is a know issue on some translucent back cover. Please contact us at the CS team to get a replacement.


I just saw this morning that my cover is starting to crack. I’ve already raised a ticket.
See Request #102715

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Hi all,
just to mention, I do have a black translucent backcover and it is also broken. I opened a ticket about two weeks ago (#100770) and got no answer, unfortunately. In the meantime, there a cracks at all four corners. Here is a picture of the worst one:

Hi guys - glad I’m not alone. I’ve had this same issue and have opened a ticket - anyone received a replacement blue case that didn’t experience this problem?

I notice no-one has been saying the same complaint regarding the fully transparent cover - I’ve asked in my support request if they could send me one of those instead…

I am in the process of returning my second FP2 due to a defective screen. But as I carefully removed the Black Translucent cover to return it it cracked like many above at the corner of the camera aperture. This is the first time it was opened. I’m posting here to note that this is apparently a widespread issue with both translucent covers.

I want to support Fairphone very much, and am hoping that I’ll be lucky with my unit the third time, but having now been waiting for a functioning phone since February, and encountering four major defects in the first two phones I received, I’m worried it’s the last chance.

I know. Feeling a bit deflated myself now. Cracked case, screen replaced with another defective screen, flickering display, temperamental Bluetooth, incompatible apps, random reboots… And that’s just mine, others may have different issues. I haven’t updated to 1.2.8 and I haven’t even dared installing the FP OSOS I had been so eagerly awaiting - so scared of it becoming more dysfunctional than before…

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I have the same problem

Oh don’be scared. Here you find mostly people who had issues with phone. My blue cover is not broken (and I opened FP2 several times), the display flickers (not so much) only with low brightness, I don’have found any incompatible app and I’ve never experienced a reboot…so some FP2 work well indeed :relaxed:


Particularly if you experience issues I’d strongly recommend to update, as the updates are supposed to fix issues!

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I bought two units which work without problems apart from a little flickering at low brightness. No reboots, no bluetooth errors, no broken covers (black matte and black translucent) or anything. All apps run as intended. OS is FP Open OS.

I bought my phone with the solid light blue back, but soon decided I wanted a transparent one. The only one available was the translucent blue one. I’ve had loads of problems with the phone and had to remove the battery loads of times. The back of the case developed cracks within weeks. Luckily I have the solid blue one which seems problem free. The spare case wasn’t cheap though :unamused:but I’m more concerned to get the phone working probably before sorting the case out.

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Hi @everybody,

Thank you for raising this issue.

If you have this problem, could you please contact the Customer Support team with the Subject: “Cracked case FP2”. Join one or several photos showing the crack(s) or split(s) on your back cover.

We will then replace the defective back cover under warranty. If you wish to receive another colour than the one your order, please state it clearly.



Request #104887, 17 days ago… no answer yet.

EDIT : i had an answer today! :slight_smile:

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I had to wait 3 weeks and 2 days until today to get an answer. So please be patient.
I hope they will handle the cover issues faster now.


I’ve not had exactly the same issue, but the rubber around the volume control is coming away. I raised request #102233 about it in April but haven’t heard anything yet.