FP2 cracked case after 3 weeks (see first post)

Do you mean that problem?

@anon73900052, could you please look into that?

Yes I do! For some reason my search didn’t bring that up. That’s exactly what’s happened to my case though, and it’s getting worse.

I’m trying to submit a question to Support, but form is not working (not in my daily-use Firefox, nor in a pristine Chromium). Submitting the form causes a refresh, no confirmation is displayed and the request is not showing up in my “Activity” neither.

Is there another way to contact Support?

Do you know that you can’t use your account which you use for this forum.
You have to make up a new account for Support.
Perhaps this is your bottle-neck.

I don’t understand your message very well (English is my second language).
I do have an account on the forum and another on Fairphone’s Zendesk. The latter worked fine a month and a half ago, when I opened another ticket. Has something changed?

The account you made for sending another ticket to support should still work for sending a new ticket.

Yes, there is: you can give them a call. The number is at the bottom of https://fairphone.com/support (if you are in a mobile browser, you need to click “go to full site”).

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It is not, that’s the problem, :frowning:

I’ll try to reach them by e-mail first, but thanks for the heads-up.

Thank for your help, guys, :smiley:

I cracked my cover, too , because I mostly opened my FP2 after reading this forum :wink:
However it is a small crack and I only found it after I was reading the forum once more :relaxed:

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Blue translucent
Cracks like thomaselsted in the headspeaker corner
And one running from the top mic to the camera
And two small cracks running parallel to the power button next to the Camera.

Still holding together.
First noticed the cracks around age 3-4 months, now 5 months old.

Trying to be careful but actually droped it 4-5 times from the bed/seat to the floor

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@anon73900052 but the contact form is not working on site. Can I email details to get a new cover? Thanks. Jon

Since it’s essentially the same issue let’s keep it in one thread: