FP2 durability: back cover beginning to disintegrate

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I’m not one prone to complain unless there’s actually a problem. But unless there has been something somehow wrong with my particular cover, Fairphone needs to rethink the material used for the ‘protective’ back cover.

I have had my Fairphone 2 for 1 month and 2 weeks, and even with the most careful use, it is showing grave signs of wear. Aside from the fact that the screen got a nasty scratch after just a week, now the back cover is breaking up – See attached images.

I want to stress that I am careful and protective about my phone. I have only had it in my pocket or in a compartment of my bag without any other objects. I have not dropped it. It have had the back cover removed maybe 5 times. I have been careful when doing, this in the manner advised by Fairphone.

The plastic is showing fractures in 3 out of 4 corners, particularly nasty at the bottom. There’s a slight crack near the camera slot as well. It seems obvious that the plastic material used is too rigid to support the multiple cover removal. A more pliable (and rubberized, please!) material should have been used to protect the phone.

Fairphone 2 is the first smartphone I’ve owned and I’m not intending to replace it. But these are issues that seriously need a fix.

I have a new cover coming in the mail (because of delivery shortage of the color I ordered), so that solves my issue for the time being – but I suspect not in the long run. Thankfully I suspect the cover is the least expensive and least complicated thing to change in production?


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