FP2 bottom modules repairs by Fairphone - Refurbished modules

From the bottom module page:

For all Fairphone 2 users whose device is not covered by the manufacturing warranty anymore, we are also able to offer you a refurbished replacement bottom module via a repair by us, however we don’t cover these costs.

I didn’t remember having seen this before, the web archive tells me it wasn’t here on Oct 7th, but Google Webcache tells me it was here 4 days ago. Has anyone contacted Fairphone and actually asked for this repair?


Wow :open_mouth: I really hope someone does the community a favour and takes the hassle and cost of trying this.

Here's a screenshot (as the page looked previously) of the webcache link Alex kindly provided


You’ve got to be ready to pay up to 60€ according to their price list though… A hefty repair, but sometimes still worth it!


I have enough bottom modules with broken microphones in order to put myself into deep debt trouble

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It’s possible, but I wouldn’t take it for granted that you need to send in a broken bottom module first for this new offer. Well, that’s why it would be so helpful if someone could report about the process. :thinking:

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“I have a problem with my bottom module”

“Yeah? What’s the problem?”

“It’s invisible”

“We can’t fix that. Here’s a replacement. That’ll be 60€”

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I would like to test this solution but when I click on Fairphone website → “Service” → “Repairs” on fairphone website, I am sent to a page where it announced “Oops The page you were lookinf for doesn’t exist, You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved”. How can I find the repair shops ? Thanks by advance.


I don’t know exactly where you clicked, but here’s the form to contact support:


I want tp test this solution : " refurbished replacement bottom module via a repair by us"

Have you read this page?

Yes, you have to scroll down on the page and click on “get in touch”.


ok, thank you very much

Apparently the total is 75 Euros:

While the individual repair part prices seemed to suggest shipping and handling is included, the top listed handling charge does seem to come on top of those. :frowning:


Yes I have to say this is disappointing.

Fairphone not being able to refurbish the modules themselves have chosen to farm this out to the subcontractors who naturally want to do the “repair” themselves since that brings in extra cash.

But it defeats the point of a owner-repairable phone.

I know there are or have been, various initiatives in the community aimed at repairing bottom modules especially, and I saw hnms’ post in Marjolaine’s topic. What are the ways forward? I wonder if FP have any further plans for manufacturing bottom modules? What’s the market? My FP2 is working fine, but I take great care plugging in the USB … I wouldn’t say “no” to having a spare, but not for 75€ :frowning_face:


This price is more or less the same as a german repair shop charges. they sell the mic itself for 20€ so as its not a mass production it seems to be a reasonable price for the work. That just shows what a phone would cost when really produced in Europe and although I was a bit shocked when seeing the price for the first time and I would say its not worth it for a 6year old phone, it shows the obstacles this industry is facing by producing in china and think at the end the price is fair.


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