FP2 bottom modules repairs by Fairphone - Refurbished modules

From the bottom module page:

For all Fairphone 2 users whose device is not covered by the manufacturing warranty anymore, we are also able to offer you a refurbished replacement bottom module via a repair by us, however we don’t cover these costs.

I didn’t remember having seen this before, the web archive tells me it wasn’t here on Oct 7th, but Google Webcache tells me it was here 4 days ago. Has anyone contacted Fairphone and actually asked for this repair?


Wow :open_mouth: I really hope someone does the community a favour and takes the hassle and cost of trying this.

Here's a screenshot (as the page looked previously) of the webcache link Alex kindly provided


You’ve got to be ready to pay up to 60€ according to their price list though… A hefty repair, but sometimes still worth it!


I have enough bottom modules with broken microphones in order to put myself into deep debt trouble

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It’s possible, but I wouldn’t take it for granted that you need to send in a broken bottom module first for this new offer. Well, that’s why it would be so helpful if someone could report about the process. :thinking:

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“I have a problem with my bottom module”

“Yeah? What’s the problem?”

“It’s invisible”

“We can’t fix that. Here’s a replacement. That’ll be 60€”

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I would like to test this solution but when I click on Fairphone website → “Service” → “Repairs” on fairphone website, I am sent to a page where it announced “Oops The page you were lookinf for doesn’t exist, You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved”. How can I find the repair shops ? Thanks by advance.


I don’t know exactly where you clicked, but here’s the form to contact support:


I want tp test this solution : " refurbished replacement bottom module via a repair by us"

Have you read this page?

Yes, you have to scroll down on the page and click on “get in touch”.


ok, thank you very much