Obliged to get my fp2 repaired by Fairphone

I’ve purchased my fp2 in 2018.
today i need to change my bottom module, but unfortunatly it is out of stock.
My fp2 is not covered by the manufacturing warranty anymore, so I have no other choice than to send it to fairphone to get a refurbished replacement bottom and pay 75 euros for a device which cost 25 euros. I’m so so disappointed by such a disagreement for a theorically easy to repair onself phone.

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That’s frustrating. Did you get the total of 75€ in the course of actual correspondence with Support, or did you conclude this by yourself from the Repair Price List?

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Hi Marjolaine,
welcome to the forum!
Have you tried asking a #fairphoneangel? They still might be sitting on a couple of new bottom modules. Please contact an angel close to where you live. If they can’t help you, please get back to me.