FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

My phone alsogetting hot AS hell, just from browsing with ligthning for 5-10min

Hello all,

I may have found a solution (at least part of one/temporary one)

I had the above problems - draining battery - I’d un (and re) installed apps, used cpu monitors, etc, all to no avail - I was getting 8-10 hours of battery out of my FP2 without any usage at all (i.e. without even using it to check my email).

I was having a problem with my touchscreen so I took it off and put it back on (per other guides). Upon restarting, the phone ran through a load of “optimising android libraries x/167” dialogues, and then the battery life was again extended to what it was when I first got it - 24-30 hours.

I still have the exclamation mark on the wifi (sometimes, not other times) but it also seems to do the crazy jumping thing.

Taking the screen off the first time is a bit of a faff - from the factory it’s very tight but I wonder if the re-optimisation caused something to go right?

Anyway, worth a try.


My screen was also very tight when removing it first time. :slight_smile: and I had/have problems with my screen some times.

[quote=“GMehn, post:104, topic:12334”]
was having a problem with my touchscreen so I took it off and put it back on (per other guides)[/quote]

I would very much like to try this but I’m still too scared to disassemble my phone just yet…


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My phone was working quite ok with the upgrade version and today, it started overheating again and getting really slow…

What changed is that yesterday I charged it while the phone was switched off. Normally it’s always switched on when I charge it.

Is it possible that there’s a correlation between those two facts?

Same problem: Battery drains in 6-7 hours without me doing anything. Device gets hot, even without SIM card. Touchscreen is unusable sometimes. WLAN on/off messages (Toasts) are showing up for minutes hiding the virtual keyboard.
Update 1.2.8 did not solve any of the problems. No help from support (ticket #96059).

I put my phone out of order now, its just useless in this state. Bought conventional mobile to be connected again.

Very sad. Was a good idea …

@Thomas_Nordmeyer: Maybe you can give also a try of remove your display-unit and put it together again, like @GMehn it did (see iFixit guides or some other in the forum), it could be connected with some bad connectors…:

If you want to try, please report back if you notice the same behaviour afterwards…

Update on removing/replacing the phone screen:

It definitely fixed the problem, but it is creeping back up. I’m back down to <24 hours (have done the upgrade as well which didn’t seem to do much)

I suppose it’s possible I’ll just have to pop the screen off once a month or so.

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I think all information in the article https://www.fairphone.com/2016/03/23/boosting-the-life-of-your-fairphone-battery is correct, but for FP2 the best is to remove and reassemble the phone screen :wink:
For me it works, too.

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This thread and the information that FP2 may have trouble with some SIM cards may give a hint for some who have problems with overheating phone and bad battery life: FP2 kills some SIM cards


I’m not sure if there is a connection between theese problems. I didn’t notice a difference in battery lifetime without the faulty SIM. My FP2 lasts usually about 12-16 hours.

I removed and reassembled the screen twice… nothing changed… this is what I get

Phone was charged all night…

I’m desperate again… this will not do…

It’s not about a SIM being bad but a SIM having services that FP2 doesn’t support or handle properly. Nevertheless, that’s just something that seems to be affecting some people, and I didn’t mean to imply it would explain all problems.


as far as I know the “battery duration” is an estimated value based on the previous durations.
So I hope that the real battery duration is better than the shown one at the battery settings.

Yeah I know that… but today it’s just as bad… :frowning:

The only way of saving battery I found is not use the phone at all and switch it off!!! which defeats the purpose… :wink:

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OK this is incredible… look at this and check the time… the only thing I did was take the screenshot… :frowning::sob::rage:


It’s a pity that your battery duration did not improve after removing the screen :frowning:

In my opinion there are basically two main reasons for a low battery duration:

  1. hardware issue (battery itself, screen, cpu, WiFi, etc. consume too much energy)
  2. software issue (OS itself, apps that cause a lot of activity)
    Sometimes it is very difficult to separate hardware and software issues and to find out the real cause.

Did you read this article:

from the Fairphone support team?

Another approach:
I did not try them by myself but maybe one of the mentioned apps can detect an app which is the reason for your problems (in that case it would be a software issue):

(:warning: Please be aware that you use this apps at your own risk!)

If you think it is more a hardware issue, it is probably necessary to replace or repair parts of your phone (e.g. new battery).
Did you contact the Fairphone Support team and have you already opened a ticket?

Maybe for a longterm observation this app is useful:

It records the charging state of the battery for a longer duration than the default battery stats (default is 1 week, but it can be set to 1 month or always).

I installed this app today and will post my experiences with it.

Of course I did…

And I’ll probably contact support but I wish to find a solution before that… as it’s my second FP2 (first one already replaced)

May I ask what was the problem with your first FP2?

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