FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

Yep… random reboots, mishbehaving apks and getting really hot and battery problems… :wink:

Things got better with this one and the upgrade… but the battery problem is back…

Should I put the battery in the phone and then start charging or should I start charging for a while and then put the battery in phone? Another person explained which steps to do and said I was to kickstart it by charging the phone without battery and then inserting the battery to give it a kick, but now i’m not sure which one is the correct way. Please tell me!

Hi Jeppe,

here are the exact instructions @borjan from the Fairphone Support team sent to me:

Additionally you can find infos about battery, charger etc. here:

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As before I’m very close to throwing my phone against the wall… :persevere:… It’s 9:20 and phone battery is 54%. It’s hot again… Removing screen gave no results… I am desperate…

I also hesitate to send my phone for repair because I need it…


I have recently received my FP 2 for work, and I am testing at the moment its battery usage. Unfortunately, I have also measured a battery drain of around 50% in 2 hours when surfing with Firefox via WiFi and a rather dark screen. (In fact, BetterBatteryStats has measured a drain of around 23.5 % per hour.) It should be noted that the battery drain was not that high on the FP1 (maybe around 10-15 % per hour when the battery was new.)
A very short test (and therefore not meaningful) with another browser (Opera) has shown a better battery usage of 17% per hour on the FP2. This would be in line with @Elipsus 's comment about Firefox.

I am still checking whether this battery drain is normal or whether there is a problem with my FP2.
Hence, can some readers maybe share their experience when it comes to the battery life when surfing?

  • Is such a high battery drain normal if using Firefox?
  • What battery life (or battery drain per hour) would you describe as normal when surfing with the FP2?

It should however be noted that I am using FPOS OS (with Xposed installed), which could impact my battery life experience. (However, Xposed is not known for really increasing the energy consumption.)

Perhaps is the browser Lightning from F-Droid an option?

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I see you are using a weather app. Which app is that? I think that is the cause of your problems. I have had similar issues. Let me know which app that is.

I once had massive battery drains, but on other phones, with a defective sd card.
You should take it out temporarily.

If the situation is unchanged, I would be interessted in the active apps in your FP2.
Especially in the active icons on your status bar.
1-battery warning / 2-Mail, which one? / 3-screen shot / 4-drop box / 5-? / 6-?
Could you post a screenshot of “settings>battery>battery consumption diagramm (the view when you click on it)” and “settings>apps>active apps”?

Do you move between areas with changing reception for one or both of your SIM cards?
Have you observed roaming between two carriers for one of your SIM cards?

My card SD is new… I changed it after comments on this forum.

I have posted multiple battery consumption diagramm… but I’ll do it again as soon as I have my phone a bit charged. Because right now it’s charging after not having lasted a day without even being used for anything…

I did the screen off again… no change… So I’ll get back to you…

Weather Underground that comes with HD Widgets…

Ok. Hm. I had the weather channel app and that basically drains the battery within only a few hours. Otherwise I have a battery lifetime of a few days without too much usage… Try uninstalling it and check if the behavious is better

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Thanks for the advice… I’ll probably follow it but still I don’t think this is normal…I should be able to run a weather application without problems…

That depends on the app and it’s settings. If it constantly tries to connect to the server in order to update data, it will drain the battery in no time.
You could try to deactivate it for a couple of days and see if this is the app which is draining your battery.

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Dear evidemment,
when I look at your process list I see 26 processes actively running. There are a few that may consume a lot of battery, e.g., face book, Mc Afee, dropbox. Maybe you could switch off all of this extra stuff for a while to see what the effect is. For instance, I have normally not more than 10 processes running, mostly system processes. With that my battery usually lasts 1-2 days, rarely 3 days, depending on use (mostly internet/wifi and phone calls).

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It’s definitely about one of your apps. So uninstall some of them, test, uninstall others, test, …
Since we don’t use exactly your apps, we can’t do that for you!

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I tried 3 weather-apps a time ago just for fun. All three loaded ads 24/7 and drained the battery within a day. Now I have a Firefox-favorite “weather_of_my_home_town” on my homescreen. That does the same without ads (adblocker) and does nothing until I call it. And the battery lasts 5-6 days.


I tried different weather apps as well. They pulled the weather every minute draining battery and data.
The 26 processes that you are running are defenitely the reason for the fast drain. My phone usually lasts 2-3 days, sometimes even 5.

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OK I’ll check it out… but first I’ll switch to fairphone OS (I think…)


PS My samsung worked with more or less the same applications and I didn’t have this battery drain…