FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

This can only be explained either by (a) FP’s inconsistent build quality and you got lucky, or (b) you use your FP2 in a different way to most users. Like so many other posters to these forums, my FP2 battery life has been appallingly bad.

Since the day my FP2 came out of the box (when it had just the pre-loaded apps) and again still after a full factory reset, my FP2 runs as hot as oven - up to 85 degrees Celsius - and the battery drains ridiculously fast.

My FP2 is currently showing that of the 47% battery drain since last charge, 3% is due to Google Play and a total of 4 other apps each used 1%. “Phone idle” and “Mobile standby” used 4% each (8% total, so together the equivalent of 8 apps). So … app usage does not appear to be the issue.

Separately, I wanted to take a photo today. Couldn’t do it. The camera which was working a few days ago wouldn’t work. It didn’t work fresh out of the box when new and now only works intermittently after FP told me to buy a screwdriver and try and fix it - which I did. Like another poster I suspect the heat plays a factor in making the camera connect.

I was responding to a post from someone saying they were considering swapping from Apple to FP2. As I said in my post, like everyone here we make our choice to try to make the world a better place, but when the poster I was responding to makes their own decision, they should be aware that they’re not going to get Apple quality.

Sorry to say - I accidently fell into a coca cola vessel almost drowning - just for the record - now I must say this is fake news :grin:

…back to something completely different -

Aha, so this clearly looks like I obviously have missed the essential part of the information which again gets me into pure rage :rage:

Trying to my fullest ability staying calm I’ll take this as an explanation to an almost obvious misunderstanding here. :thought_balloon:

Oh, that’s tough - shall I choose a) or rather b)…I can’t decide…what will I get - I have to…BA
Well the truth lays somewhere in the middle. Quality is not so consistent from one batch to the next. Compared to many other big players FP is a very small company with limited (financial) options. It cannot run long and expensive tests on each unit to assure there is no chance of an issue. They don’t sell on such a wide range but surely are doing their best to deliver the highest possible quality they can. On the other side - big players such as Samsung, Sony etc. have the possibility to run long tests but simply save money were ever they can. So even there no one is secure of sometimes even major faults.

But as long as the phone is within warranty make use of it and claim for what was promised.

FP2 is not as rock stable as users coming from other brands are used of. Specifically if it’s about water and being dropped. At some point FP2 will get damaged. At least it can be repaired more easily (by oneself) and not entirely have to be replaced as conventional phones. Due to the design some treatment may cause more trouble than with other phones as not every component inside is soldered but connected with contacting pins. Mechanical stress or moist is not so good for the phone. But generally a proper treatment considering it as a >500€ device should help to take care of it keeping it operational for some time. It’s not fully made of glass either.

Many other issues like bad battery performance, heat, laggin etc. mostly can be solved it just needs time and the right approach.
For this there are plenty of help topics and wikis available which are quite useful. Many users here could solve their troubles in the past sometimes almost giving up on the phone.
And the risk of causing troubles by simply installing whatever app someone wants to have should not be underestimated. Looking through this forum there were several topics where users ran into massive troubles which were causes by an installed app which they never expected would be the culprit ->facebook app. Actually many users does not seem to have an idea how much bad programmed troublesome software is available out there.

I think after all it’s the impatience and cluelessness until finding the cause that gets users upset and frustrated. Not all problems being encountered are hardware errors. And for further tests there are many #fairphoneangels around for initial tests to see if or if not the entire phone has to be returned.


AlbertJP - you think it is not helpful and/or spam to tell the truth to potential buyers? This is a big issue for many, many FP2 users - just look at all the posts on the subject, including not least in this 462 post thread under the title “FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot)”.

Moreover, it is reasonable to expect that, as a class, future FP2 buyers will be less ethically-minded than existing owners. (Future buyers have not already searched for an ethical phone, or already been motivated to buy when hearing/seeing the message, etc.). So, over time, FP’s customers can be expected to become less and less forgiving of FP’s faults. Not discussing these faults openly now may help - somewhat unethically(!) - to sell some phones in the short-run, but in the longer term it will surely kill the FP project.

Btw, I do not use Facebook and have only a few apps installed other than the factory-installed apps. Of course it could be just one app that accounts for battery drain, but no apps - factory installed or downloaded - stand out as big battery users. Looking at my FP2 now, the only exception perhaps is Google Play services at 6% of battery drain, against “phone idle” and “mobile standby” each at 8.5% of drain. (A total of 4 other apps use 2% each, so 8% total.)

This actually is one of the worst as it almost permanently calls home at any time. Look at this log of my firewall:

It keeps on calling home nearly every minute. And usually it is blocked. Just imagine how it would go beserk if not being blocked spending data volume, using and keeping active any available data connection draining your battery.
Once in a while I unblock it if going to the store. Then it keeps on transmitting whatever data until I leave again and block it.
Although it does not look like it is a resource hungry monster. I can only give you advice to also get a firewall to have more control over such apps. This will have an overall positive effect. Or switch over to another OS.

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If you’re the kind of consumer who thinks that giving a company total control over your personal data and paying abusive amounts of money for a white apple drawing is OK, then you’re evidently coming to the wrong forum.

In the default battery settings many things go unseen - get an app to monitor your CPU, as described in this forum post: Fed up with Fairphone battery problems

And @Patrick1 is probably right that it’s the Play Store in your case. What might help is deleting the data of the Play Store or Google Play Services app to ‘reset’ it.

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I am not yet quite sure how the mechanism works in the background. There is the file indexing service (Media storage) with its sub-services starting as soon as the data structure on any available media has been altered. It can be partially controlled by placing those .nomedia files in folders which should not be scanned.
Usually after every reboot the service starts to scan and also after having un-/installed apps or transferred files, taken new pictures etc. Sometime it can take long time until this service finishes its job.
Then again there is permanent traffic going on with all Google apps and services. Also the play store keeps a precise list of all installed apps and even removed apps. Many third party apps also keep on transmitting data to somewhere.

These background actions actually have a noticeable impact on network traffic and battery life. If not monitoring them most users cannot believe how much is going on with the phone although the screen may be locked pretending the phone is asleep.


Phone suddenly started to discharge very fast out of the blue.

  • Battery temp: normal
  • CPU temp: extremely hot
  • Wifi: could have been on
  • Bluetooth: off
  • Wifi Scanning: off

Now phone will not even charge when in airplane mode. CPU is very hot without any apps running and being in airplane mode.

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I have exactly the same problem.

Battery drains fast, CPU overheat (around 83° C), and this happened out of the blue 48h ago.

When turned in Safe Mode, things seems to be ok. I suspect a third-party app to be the problem, I started to monitor everything with SystemPanel 2 (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.sp&hl=en_US) and it appears that the CPU is always working around 85% capacity but no app seems to be that demanding.

I am really concerned about this issue.

I don’t know if it’s a general problem or that my battery is dying.

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Well, after boot this if normal, as the media scanner will for media files. That’ll drive the phone warm. After like 10 to 20m system should get back to normal, though.

I thought the same as you but no matter how long the phone have been turned on, the CPU capacity stay high (and the phone very hot) until the phone shut down due to the battery drain (which happen several times a day for the past 48 hours).

Imho, there must be some process occupying the cpu. No reason for the cpu to stay on high frequencies without need.
You might try to boot into recovery and clear cache, this helps some people.
And, how old is your battery? I got me a new one after nearly three years. This was necessary… (Also, I’m now using battery charge limit, to not stress the battery with charging it to 100%)

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Thanks for the advice. I did what you recommended but nothing changed unfortunately.
My battery is one year old (same as my Fairphone 2).
I’ll continue to search for a solution.

Too bad. But still, if your phone gets and stays hot, there must be some process requesting the cpu. This should be visible

Or it’s a hardware issue. E.g. faulty SIM cards are well known to cause battery drain and heat.

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Ok, I solved my issue by removing many aps. Some of the removed aps I suspect of doing harm:

  • 1broker
  • tabTrader

I didn’t check what app exactly was the culprit. I remove some other apps don’t use often. Still weird though that the phone started behaving weirdly out of the blue. And that wifi is reporded as being ‘active’ while it was swichted off in the settings.

I installed a cpu monitor and saw the cpu at 90 - 100% constantly.

One useful tool is the android debugger. You can use it to login to your phone and then inspect the processlist:
adb shell
top -m 10


I decided to get rid all all the apps on my phone, one by one. I live in Germany and have had the Cinestar (cinema points app) installed for over a year. I deleted it two days ago when i realised that it had lost my credentials. I don’t see anything else that I did, but for the first time in many many months, i got home today and still had 30% battery. As I speak, i have not plugged it back in since this morning (and even this morning, i had only charged it up to 83%).
Ah, one other thing: I took out the SD card, since it was giving some kind of format errors. However, i had removed that before and didn’t see a change.


I’m living in Germany too and had since two days the problem that the battery losts power fast than i can charge and the top of the phone gets very hot.
Than i reactivate “Startort” - the english word may be localisation - and the problem has gone completely.
There are some apps which can reactivate this setting, for example the “Bahn app” - I know that i used this app in the last days often.

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Hi community!

Using “Better Battery Stats” app i could find that the Google Photos was consuming more than 30% of process CPU time, draining battery and getting hot the CPU.

It’s public that Google Photos have a bug that maintain the app in a infinite loop when is scanning certain images with wrong metadata.

Solution is easy, just disable the app.

Have a nice day!

David Q