FP1U touchscreen compatible with FP1 motherboard?

My FP1U suffered water damage and is not working. I am trying to troubleshoot whether it is possible to repair it, and which components are not working.
My friend has an FP1. I tried replacing the motherboard on my FP1U with her FP1 motherboard. The display turns on as normal but the touchscreen is not responsive.
I know from a previous post that the FP1U motherboard should work with an older FP1 display, but what about the reverse? Should the FP1U touchscreen work with an older FP1 motherboard? If yes, then I have a problem with both my motherboard and display. But if not, then maybe the problem is only with my motherboard.

If you look at the pictures here it looks to me like the FP1U screen won’t fit together with the FP1 motherboard.

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