FP1U display in a FP1? / Paßt ein FP1U Display in einem FP1?

Hello, does anyone know if a FP1U display fits in a FP1? Thanks in advance.

Hallo, Weiß evtl. jemand ob ein FP1U display in ein FP1 paßt? Danke im Voraus.

This forum has a search function, it’s the magnifying glass in the top section, left of the user avatar.


@AnotherElk Thanks a lot for pointing out the two previous discussions. And yes, I’ve used the search function. But without the exact keywords ‘midframe’ and ‘touchscreen’ they perished between the other search results.


Just for the record, I searched for fp1 display fp1u, else I wouldn’t dare to hint :wink: .

But you are right, my finds were not the top results, and there may even be more references I missed, too.


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