FP1 and FP1U: same midframe?

The question is simply: do the two versions of the fairphone 1 use identical midframes?

I just received my order of a display assembly and midframe for my damaged FP1, and the packing slip lists the midframe I received as an FP1U item. I played around with the shop system just now, and it seems that both sections (FP1 and FP1U) of the shop do contain the same midframe article; but just to be sure before I screwdriver things up: Is it safe to try to replace my FP1 midframe with the FP1U spare?

I don’t know exactly, but afaik the only difference of FP1/FP1U is another version of the MTK chipset…
All other components should be the same!

Did you order the replacement set via the FP shop and did you have choosen “FP1” there?
If then FP1U display was sent I think everything is fine, as they are identically…

But maybe anybode can confirm this?
Cheers, Robert

This is probably a very good indicator: Fairphone would probably not send you a wrong part if you have ordered the correct one.

I’ve also had similar experiences with spare parts: They say FP1U although I have a FP1 and have ordered parts in the corresponding shop. I can imagine that @therob is right and most parts are identical. However to be sure, I would ask support instead of here in the community forum.

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I think the worst that can happen is that you’ll end up with an FP1U if the midframe is the ONLY difference! But if you unified your storage before you’ll see no change! :slight_smile:

Only the display and motherboard from the FP1/FP1U are different from each other for the rest the hardware is basically the same.

Give me a couple of minutes to show the difference. (for educational sake :p)

Motherboard visual differences:

Display assembly differences:


Oh, nice comparison.
Would you thus conclude the midframes are interchangable, or not?

So yes, I would think this concludes the midframes are interchangable

Oh sorry, yes the midframes are interchangeable.