Finally met another Fairphone

I have a fist batch Fairphone. Just last week I met another Fairphone…



@jeroen yep, same happend to me two weeks ago. in a public transport train here in the wild east of germany (potsdam) a guy standing next to me was texting on his… fairphone. yes, we said hello to each other (when he was done with texting).


Where was it? :smiley:

I have yet to run into a fellow FairPhone user. I don’t know why, but I picture such a meeting as a divine moment where angels are singing and the clouds part to reveal the brightly shining sun.

I may have hyped that a wee bit too much though. Just slightly.


My wife and I had coffee at an outdoor café in our home town Halmstad, Sweden, this summer. At a nearby table there was a group of Danes, presumably tourists, one of them with an FP. Didn’t want to intrude, though, so no contact was made.

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at work. new colleague said she had such a handy dual sim phone, a fairphone. I said, so do I. :smile:

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Met the first on a wedding in September. Then heard of a friend who’s now in the Netherlands. Got invited to her wedding, three people including the bride there! Most amazing, had interesting discussions with iPhone users that night.

Then, suddenly, a colleague walked in, with a brand new FP (same room, but didn’t know I had one, too).
Told me there are three in the family now, including a parent.

Finally, got out of the way when some lady was taking a snap with her FP last week - told her she has a nice phone. Puzzled look, short waving of my FP, broad smile.

It is a small world.
That’s why it matters to know where the stuff, and the phones came from. There are people behind the things. Using it as well as building it.

It’s only a very, very small company. It probably does not matter much, in numbers.
But it is, in fact, a small world.


wouldn’t it be fun to have FPhone parties in neutral venues so strangers might become friends

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This is what we did in Vienna one week before Christmas. Until the next update of the post, you can read a little report on how it went here. :smile:
One of the guys, whom I did not know before the meet-up, even became part of our way to the next meet-up! :smiley:

If you also would like to do something similar, I can provide you with some info material (just PM me)! :slight_smile:

First ones with friends of mine, then in the last weeks a couple more randomly in Berlin. I bet there are lots here.

Maybe some of the Dutch FairPhone owners could arrange a meet up at the FairPhone offices (if FairPhone itself would allow that). Would be great to meet some like minded people from the community and meet FairPhone celebrities like Bas, Joe, Miguel and Bibi in real life :slight_smile:


Would love to see that happening! :smiley:

I can’t say exactly how many people I’ve seen with a Fairphone here in Hamburg. Must have been around 10 or so. Three people I know have one and I’ve talked to one guy at an anti-NSA demo. The others I didn’t contact.

Given the fact that I saw most of them before the second batch of FP I found it pretty surprising to see so many in my town when there were only 25,000 FPs in total across all of Europe.

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Note my wiki entry on community meetups. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen another one when I visited my cousin in Halle (Saale) this summer but I haven’t said anything because I thought it would be a little bit strange…


I just had my first encounter with a fairphoner in the wilderness. And she was a cutie too :smiley:

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@gregariousf: Are you still in Berlin? Then please have a look at this thread:

Thanks! :sunny:

Here’s your chance to meet other Fairphone owners in real life!

Fairphone is developing a campaign film to show how awesome the Fairphone community is. So some Fairphone members will be filming in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam next week.

Please, save the date!

London: Monday 16 March
Berlin: Wednesday 18 March
Amsterdam: Friday 20 March

Times should be 1600 onwards. More info to come.


There is a Berlin specific topic, including a poll. Take part in the poll! :slight_smile:

I moved a post to an existing topic: Poll: Berlin, community campaign film 18 March!

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