"And then I saw they had a Fairphone..."

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It’s a new form of speed dating… phone dating?!


well it kinda makes sense… You are looking for someone with similar interests. Just like vegan couples meet in a vegan restaurant or supermarket. I’d say most of the first-gen fairphoners share a variety of interests and beliefs…


There should be Fairphone stickers you can put on the back of your phone saying ‘I’m single!’


Hey guys, please don’t flood this topic with flirt-and-phone-suggestions! :expressionless:
This is for stories about unexpectedly seeing a Fairphone.
Thank you. :sunglasses:


Yeah “unexpectedly” “seeing a fairphone”.
I see what you did there :wink:


There is a topic about this already, but I just closed it because I like this one better. :smiley:

On topic: Besides the Austrian Fairphoners and the meet-up attendees I only met two other Fairphoners. I’m really looking forward to meeting FP2 owners.


Oh I didn’t see that one. There are some lovely posts in there as well. :+1:

[quote=“paulakreuzer, post:16, topic:10242, full:true”]
On topic: Besides the [Austrian Fairphoners] and the meet-up attendees I only met two other Fairphoners. I’m really looking forward to meeting FP2 owners.[/quote]
Actually, I wanted to ask more about the moment of realizing someone has a FP. About first seeing the Fairphone, not so much about the owners or about owner meetings, because when they are organized (like your Austrian group) it is to be expected that most will have a FP.


Once on a train I saw Margarethe Bause (a Bavarian member of parliament for the Greens) sitting closeby. She used a Fairphone, too.


The first time I every heard about FP was on a meeting with other students of a scholarship. So she showed it to me and I was quite impressed although the FP1 did not offer the technical specifications I needed and I was still in possession of a (more or less working) phone.
I really liked the idea and looked into similar projects (like Shiftphone) but FP was for me the one that sounded the most transparent and the fairest.
A few weeks later a fellow boardmember of my association talked to me about fairphone - I didn’t even know that he had one as well.
And then I dropped my phone probably the 50th time in its life and finally the screen broke (it was a fairly cheap phone that is by now way too slow) and I decided - hey! Time for a FP!
And that’s my story.


Hehe, ein Böller, was? :wink:

I ran across a Fairphoner just 1 km from my apartment back in late
August. The man was actually just talking on his Fairphone with someone
when I spotted the unmissable back view (steel battery cover with the
star logo, black top). Having passed him by 4-5 metres, I turned around
and asked if that was a Fairphone. He briefly interrupted his call and
confirmed, and asked whether I was ordering the Fairphone 2.
Unfortunately we didn’t exchange contact details, so I wasn’t able to
find and invite him to our local September meetup.


October 2014, in Dublin, I attended a reception for visiting delegates at an international conference. I got chatting to one of the Swedish delegates, and when she took out her phone to take a picture I saw it was a FairPhone. (She was dead jealous that I had one of the first batch that had helped get it started :smile:

And then in December or January, I was at a public lecture in Dublin (speakers – Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, authors of The Spirit Level). I was sitting next to a professor of equality studies, who took out his phone just as the lecture started to turn it to silent. He too had a FP1.


Too many people I know have iPhones. Every day commuting to university I see the overpriced hardware from a company supporting child labor and slavery. :frowning: It’s exactly the opposite of what we support here.


same here… there are TOO MANY iPhones around.

P.S. how to insert smiley in the mobile version of the forum?


Just write : ) without the space.


The chairman of our central workers council (“Gesamtbetriebsrat”) has one.
I knew it before I actually saw it: he had asked a question at the support page.
Some weeks later, while waiting for the bus in front of our office, I saw him and a second one using his FP1.
Seems to be a high density of FPs here.


So has anybody recognized a nearby FP by the fairphone ringtone yet?


Have met a couple of Fairphoners in my long train rides to my hometown.
Spoke to one of them and asked if he had trouble with his FP, he said everything was OK.

Needless to say as a Techie who only deals with FP issues I was pleasantly surprised, haha. :blush:


It makes sense. All Greens should be using fairphones!


In July this year I was doing the Southampton Skyride with my 2 kids (an event in which bike and cycling lovers are given most of the city centre closed to cars). I was at a stall promoting cycling and gving out maps of the city’s cycle route, checking on my FP for a sms from my wife. A bloke came to me excitedly and said "you’ve got a fairphone too " - short weird moment in which the bloke got his phone out of his pocket to show it to me, then we greeted each other and that was it.

The other anecdote is that because I work in IT, I have access to the database of devices in my workplace who have downloaded and are using the corporate app. One of them has a FP1…


And this one FP1 is not yours? :wink: