"And then I saw they had a Fairphone..."

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October 2014, in Dublin, I attended a reception for visiting delegates at an international conference. I got chatting to one of the Swedish delegates, and when she took out her phone to take a picture I saw it was a FairPhone. (She was dead jealous that I had one of the first batch that had helped get it started :smile:

And then in December or January, I was at a public lecture in Dublin (speakers – Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, authors of The Spirit Level). I was sitting next to a professor of equality studies, who took out his phone just as the lecture started to turn it to silent. He too had a FP1.


Too many people I know have iPhones. Every day commuting to university I see the overpriced hardware from a company supporting child labor and slavery. :frowning: It’s exactly the opposite of what we support here.


same here… there are TOO MANY iPhones around.

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Just write : ) without the space.


The chairman of our central workers council (“Gesamtbetriebsrat”) has one.
I knew it before I actually saw it: he had asked a question at the support page.
Some weeks later, while waiting for the bus in front of our office, I saw him and a second one using his FP1.
Seems to be a high density of FPs here.


So has anybody recognized a nearby FP by the fairphone ringtone yet?


Have met a couple of Fairphoners in my long train rides to my hometown.
Spoke to one of them and asked if he had trouble with his FP, he said everything was OK.

Needless to say as a Techie who only deals with FP issues I was pleasantly surprised, haha. :blush:


It makes sense. All Greens should be using fairphones!


In July this year I was doing the Southampton Skyride with my 2 kids (an event in which bike and cycling lovers are given most of the city centre closed to cars). I was at a stall promoting cycling and gving out maps of the city’s cycle route, checking on my FP for a sms from my wife. A bloke came to me excitedly and said "you’ve got a fairphone too " - short weird moment in which the bloke got his phone out of his pocket to show it to me, then we greeted each other and that was it.

The other anecdote is that because I work in IT, I have access to the database of devices in my workplace who have downloaded and are using the corporate app. One of them has a FP1…


And this one FP1 is not yours? :wink:


Nope. I no longer have one!


Today in the metro station I had my FP1 out and a guy next to me said, “Hey, we have the same phone!”. It turned out that his name was Lars, he is originally from Denmark and now living in Vienna. Of course I handed him out a Fairphone sticker with Austrian-Fairphoners-contact-details. :wink:



some months ago I was at the trainstation in Vöcklabruck (Austria) and met another guy using a FP1. We were talking a little bit and it was nice to talk to someone else who owns a Fairphone. His whole family uses FP1 and is supporting the project since the beginning :slightly_smiling:
I startend with FP1U because I was not fast enough to order the FP1. Since december I also own a FP2 :wink:

The last time I saw other Fairphones, was at the “fairErleben” event in Vienna 2015. @Tina Trinks was also there and it was great to get to know someone from the Fairphone Team :slightly_smiling:

I hope I do have time to join the next “Fairphoners Austria” meeting in Vienna, to meet @paulakreuzer, @Stefan and others, who do a really good job in this forum!


P.S. the next fairErleben event in Vienna will be 7.-8. April 2016:

Maybe we will see some FP1,FP1U and FP2 there :wink:


Thank you, @werner_noebauer! :slight_smile:

Certainly, we will be there: :smiley:


The fairERleben is a great event, inspiring exhibitors and very interesting visitors. I can really recommend it!


Today, Feb.22, i went to the swisscom store (a swiss provider), at Heuwaage in Basel.
It was about 4 pm, when i saw a older women (+/- 50) with a Fairphone 2. :wink:
The very first time i saw another FP, expect the event in Berlin.



Was waiting outside Bristol Dental Hospital last week with another bunch of people looking for a walk-in appointment; a very nice young lady complimented me on my phone by displaying hers, in its identical blue translucent case…


I already owned a FP1, and now I have an FP2. So I am Fairphone owner since about 1,5 years, but last week, for the very first time, I saw another Fairphone beside the ones we have in our family.

And where was that? In a small city in the Russian northwest.

Anyhow, it was really nice to meet someone with a Fairphone. Sitting in a Georgian restaurant with some other colleagues, who just coincidentally started talking about smartphones, we could proudly present our Fairphones and the idea behind it :slight_smile:


I’m a student of theology in Germany and I’d say 1 out of 10 students own an FP of some sort.
It’s been the case at both universities I studied at. Students of theology are a strang group of people, sometimes. :wink:

Also, a lot of people recognize my FP and are familiar with it at university. I get asked frequently if they can try it out.


Yesterday, while getting off the train, I realized I had been sitting opposite to a FP2-owner for almost the whole journey. Apparently, I don’t see a fairphone as something remarkable enough to really notice… :slight_smile:
(So, sorry to the girl on the Brussel-Lier train for reading my newspaper instead of talking!)