Fairphone Open OS 17.09.3 (Android 6.0) release

There is a new update for Fairphone Open OS. Use the update app or download to 17.09.3 here.
For release notes see here.


At my phone the update went smoothly.


Impossible to switch on my phone after the update. Any solution ?

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Could you check the battery, perhaps you need to charge your phone.

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Short question:
I still did not upgrade from Android 5 to Android 6 as there were some strange bugs which lead to freezes and frequent reboots. Can I give it another try with this release?

As I have an encrypted phone and xposed installed as well I would follow this guide: ✏ Update Guide for a modified FP Open OS (with Gapps, Xposed and more)

Short answer: No.

Long answer:
With this reasoning no upgrade or update will ever be safe to do for you.
Just stay on Android 5 getting no updates any more and wait for somebody to remotely tamper with your phone via some security hole that was patched with a later upgrade or update. Currently you want to google “BlueBorne”.

There is no such thing as a bug-free OS. But with every update there is at least hope that the bugs are getting less … until there’s a version upgrade of course, and the circle starts anew :slight_smile:



The baseband has also been updated. But the changelog doesn’t say what changed. Is it possible to get changelog for the modem?



Mise à jour longue à charger, mais tout s’est parfaitement bien passé.

Went smoothly for me!

Update went flawlessly for me. Thanks!

Finally on Android 6 -> my upgrade story

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The update went well for me, as always. I used the manual package from command line, omitting the recovery.img so the manually upgraded TWRP doesn’t get overwritten. Kudos to the Fairphone devs for emitting the BlueBorne fix in such a fast way!

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Another one who the upgrade went smoothly and fine :slight_smile: great work!

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The update seemed to go smoothly and then I put on opengapps micro. A few hours later, I got repeat messages that GiphyCam had crashed. I didn’t think I’d opened the app, so I just uninstalled it. Now, when I try to run Signal, I get a few messages in a row that it’s crashed.

I’ve tried installing today’s version of opengapps micro, which did not solve it. I also tried uninstalling all giphy software, which did not help.

Signal is the app I use most, so this is highly disconcerting. Should I try downgrading FPOOS to a previous version?


Using an encrypted phone, update went well.

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Hi all,

All good for me too via the updater, just like previous releases. :slight_smile:

Apparently, what’s happened is that when I updated FPOOS and opengapps, all of the security permissions on my phone seem to have gotten messed up. They get fixed if I uninstall and reinstall the aps, but I’ve now lost all of my conversations since august and will have to reinstall nearly every app I installed form the app store, also losing all of their history.

I did the update on Friday I think, and this morning I experienced loss of Wifi-Connections several times. The signal was very good, but when the phone went idle, the connection was lost, like in those old Android5-days. Has anybody experienced the same? The “keep Wifi on when idle”(or whatever it is called in English)-option is set, of course.

You can go in to Settings>Apps> and change the permissions per app. No need to reinstall all apps.
Though, yeah it is a known thing that using OpenGapps can create an issue. That’s why I decided not to use Nano or Micro anymore but went for Mini. Less problems with having to update everything all the time.