Fairphone FP5 Angels in Zürich Switzerland

Hi there - I’m new and hoping not to appear unpolite. Have no experience with the tags - so let’s try:
I found some Fairphone angels in Zürich Switzerland - but the posts are dated in 2019 and seem to concern FP2 or FP3. So, are those angels still active, is there an existing angels groupe for the FP5 and/or ist there help for my plan to switch from Fairphone OS to the e/OS (since the easy installer has been removed just when I bought my phone … what let me kind of speechless).
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

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Welcome to the Community Forum. :wave: Just marking @angels_zurich

And just to make sure, while you might have already found this, you can also find a way (email) to contact them directly here:

P.S.: Despite my name, I am neither Swiss nor reside in Switzerland . :blush:


We still alive but none of us owns a fairphone 5


As far as I remember the FP5 was “removed from the easy installer” because it caused issues. So is there anywhere in the e/OS forum a hint that this is forever?

Have a look here and maybe check IodeOS as option as well.

General comment: owning a FP5 does not mean you know how to flash Custom ROMs or you dont need to own a FP5 when you are familiar and comfortable in general to flash a Custom ROM.

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thanks, mate. I had found the links some months ago - but not in my recent search…

thanks for that, seems really interesting and for sure, I will check out Iode. But Morena somehow gained my heart. Maybe must hope for the renewed easy-installer, because it seems unthinkable to me not to get that for the FP5. And it will work as the Murena FP5 works.
Danke dir vielmals, habe gesehen, dass du deutsch schreibst. Ich hoffe immer noch insgeheim auf den easy-installer für das FP5, denn da bin ich ganz sicher, dass der kommen wird. LG

thanks - I was interested in the FP3 - but since I needed a new one, I decided to buy the FP5 - and it’s a charme (thinking of the device itself) …

As (for me) it’s not clear from your posts: have you already bought the FP5 or are you just planning it? In case of planning you also could buy a FP5 from Murena directly with /e/OS preinstalled.

I’ve ordered it at digitec.ch, when the easy installer was already online. The FP5 came end of march, I began to use it mid april, and then I found out, that the easy installer had been removed …
Didn’t want to buy at Murena, because I try to always buy in my country for possible cases of warranty.

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