Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

After two months of enjoying my fairphone 4, I lost it. It dropped from my pocket in a taxi in Lisbon, and I never saw it again. After thinking about it, I realised I lost 3 of the 6 smartphones I ever owned due to loss/theft. Which means that my footprint for buying new phones is mostly due to inefficient ways of safely carying around phones, not because of unecesarrily buying new phones.

I just ordered a fairphone 5, but the experience of having my FP4 stolen made me think I realy should find better ways to cary my phone around. In particular my new and expensive FP5. Does anyone has a tip or trick to share on how they are managing to safely and conveniently cary around their FP4 or FP5?
I looked into holsters and belt buckles, phone garters, but I have not found much information on this topic on the forum or elsewhere applied to a fairphone. I am looking for a solution suitable for men. Preferably a solution that does not involve a extra item such as a manpurse. I do not find the weight or size of the Fairphone 4 and 5 an issue, except that much of my clothing is older than these phones and as such not adjusted to these new large phone sizes. Any pointers are appreciated, I cannot afford to lose another fairphone… both from a sustainability as from a financial perspective.


I just use a phone pouch that attaches to a belt (bought from a random market stall whenever the old one wears out, every year or so). The Fairphone (4, at least) is a normal enough size for smartphones that a large variety fit snugly. The pouch flips open from the top: for the phone to fall out I’d have to be performing headstands and also be very unlucky. The phone is easy to extract one-handed even for someone with my terrible coordination, and I’ve never dropped it when taking it out or putting it back in.


Did you loose it or was it stolen? How are you carrying you glasses, your keys, your wallet? Do you loose them as often as your phone?


I never lost my keys or wallet, no glasses.
I lost my FP4 because I was travelling with three kids, so my attention was less than optimal. I think the FP4 slipped from my pocket, which has to do with the size as well as the taxi seat being low. Another of my phones was stole by a picpocket when helping me cary a baby stroller ftom a bus…such a helpfull thief😅.
The other phone I removed from my pocket because of tight pants (god, I hate slimfit pants), left on a table and was stolen. In the end they all have to with how I cary my phone around. So a secure and convenient way like a holster or clip with a trick to remove it would probably be the best long term solution. Unfortunately any one who travels with kids is more vulnerable to theft since you are often tired and with large part of your attention with the kids.


And how do you carry them? My question was meant to set the focus on other things you are carrying with you all the time. So why carry the phone in a different way which is uncomfortable at the end.

I have my phone in the same bag like my other belongings, sometimes a hip bag like Otis from Feuerwear.

I wont have much say about men clothing;-) but I am also struggling with the size of modern smartphones.

Two things to suggest:

  1. Make your phone less valuable to yhiefs like registering your IMEI, installing find my device, etc, I was told it’s much more difficult to sell stolen phones now so I would definitely check the options

  2. I understand it is not that comfy to wear another item on yourself but it seems a rational thing to do, otherwise you may check the lanyard options I guess.

Good luck:)


Well, maybe one of those cases, that are worn with a strap around the neck could be a solution in this case.
This might really be a valid use case for this kind of gadget.

Just an example from the german am…on site: Handykette


hello @BertG , thanks for your suggestion.
Is the item you referred to a case plus a strap or only a strap?
I have searched for a case with a strap for my FP5 and only found generic ones, like pouches with a lanyard. it would be nice to have some other options available and tested:)

Just looking at the pictures its case plus strap… Will order it and report back

Overall we might want to merge this dicussion over to


Thank you so much, I was just about to ask for feedback within a case thread. The case is not available for delivery to Poland but perhaps I could find sth similar.

Btw what does it mean when Amazon says “small business based in Germany, support small business” and below: Country of origin: China? sorry for going oft

First of all I agree with @yvmuell
Case has to be included, as it states, that it’s compatible to FP5 and the pictures always show case and strap.

Small business based in Germany just means, that the seller/dealer is based in Germany, while the item itself is (as usual) made in China.
But it’s a small business and not a big company; probably a “one-man show”

On the polish am…on homepage, there ist a dealer ZhinkArts selling the “mtb more energy” cases with straps as well.
I have no idea, if they offer the case for the FP5 as well, but you might try contacting them. :wink:


After searching some more, I think I am looking for something like the quadlock case, which can be mounted on belt with a clip or on bikes or cars with their mounting systems.

They do not have a specific case for FP4/5 so I think I will go with a belt mounted holster instead. Thx for all the great suggestions, if you try out a case, cord or holster or other solutionl, please share the model and brand and your experiences with us all. I will do so as well :heart:.

As this turned more into a case discussion I merged it with the other topic so that this is not duplicated.


This one looks good. Belt holster with magnetic lid and space for cord and cards. Unfortunately they did not manage the dimensions only a long list of phones. So I need to check if those are similar sided as FP5:


Please check this thread for some previous solutions discussed.

In order to compare the dimensions of smartphones I myself used versus.com website.

There are some cases in production currently which you might consider, with rings etc, for example @hirnsushi described - for the fairphone 4 - using Biowaves case with the SP Universal Connect System,

So it arrived and fits well. it matching cut-outs for all mics etc. Fingerprint sensor is easily accesible, display and cam lenses should be protected…

It feels like plain silikon, sites are like abraded, it does not smell…

I like strap cases during travel or hiking so will test the next days

If you cant find one in Poland, I can offer you to order one and send it to you, if you want to pay the extra shipping costs. However I can do do only in Dec, as I will be on vacation the next few weeks.


Thank you very much for testing and reviewing. I definitely like the idea of straps. Will be in touch if I decide to give it a go. Enjoy your travels:)

Just ordered some more colorful cases. After roughly 3 weeks of wait a small enveloper arrived. As you can see it is a typical black TPU case with a print at the back. The fit of the cases is quite okish, with a good overlap of the screen. Nonetheless, the color has still a strong smell - hopefully this will become better over time.


We’re almost there with Bark Sweden wooden cases, I’ve just asked for an update and got this reply:

We finally just got hold of a Fairphone 5, the wait was a bit longer than we hoped. But now we just started to design the case. we think it will be ready to ship out i the beginning of Noveber. :slight_smile: We will put this info on our website



Hi! Will there be an option for fp5 ?