Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

Hi Scott and welcome. I moved your post to an existing, so please see above especially for 3D printable models, else also have a look here

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I just ordered the HAPPER STUDIO leather sleeve from Amazon.

My FP4 hasn’t arrived yet, but I figure this would be best to protect it in my pocket. I will know in a few weeks.

I’ve been using a rugged phone for the past few years, so I haven’t worried about a case in a long time.

Thanks for the suggestion!
The HAMA Smart Move XXL seems indeed interesting!

Hi all. Im considering buying the fairphone 4. However i daily a motorcycle and live in a rainy country. I know use quadlock, but since they dont make a fairphone case, i would need to buy a case which i could put an QL adapter on. That is also waterproof. Are there any motorcycle riders that have figured out a good option?

I would love to hear your opinions

Welcome to the community :wave:

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic. Sadly there isn’t a waterproof case available yet.
Check out the Biowave case mentioned above, that is at least a hard case. I just received mine and have glued a SP Connect Interface to it. QL also just use a 3M pad to attach to the case, should work the same.
I’ll test it to tomorrow and will report back if the case is suitable for that usecase :slightly_smiling_face:

If you absolutely need a waterproof case, SP Connect offer a waterproof Universal Phone Case, but since you are already in the Quad Lock ecosystem you probably don’t want to change over…


Allright, here’s a short review of the Biowave case in combination with a SP Connect Universal Interface (and Handlebar Mount Pro MTB).


  • Great fit, the FP4 slots into the case without a problem
  • Raised border around the screen, protects it when not aiming for single rocks
  • Buttons are still easy to press
  • Pleasant surface, feels organic for lack of a better word
  • The Universal Interface has bonded nicely to the case


  • As expected quite a bit bulkier and heavier (case + interface ~43g)
  • Somehow even less grip than the aluminium frame
  • A bit finicky to remove


  • Without a screen protector that raised edge interferes with gesture controls and that is already starting to annoy me
  • No indication where the case was made, but a similar iPhone 11/12/13 case sold by the same company (under a different brand name) is clearly marked as “Made in China”
  • Fake Amazon reviews, or how come 4 of 8 reviewers all reviewed that iPhone case mentioned above and somehow all have switched to a FP4 now :triangular_flag_on_post:

TL;DR: I’m quite happy with the case, seems well built and works great with the Universal Interface. Time will tell if that combination survives a few thousand kilometres of bumpy roads, I’m optimistic it will.
Wouldn’t use it as an always on case though, way to chunky.
Since it’s a bit hard to remove I’ve instead bought a Universal Phone Clamp for a family member, that would be my recommendation for light cycling use, but only really usable without a case.


Thanks for the awnsers and testing! Im going to consider this option!

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Hi -
Does anybody have an idea about a solid, shockproof cover for the FP4 ?
I just found the standard plastic ones on the net…
I mean Otterbox style or similar, really reliable and keeps your phone safe when it drops…


No and I already asked LifeProof (which is owned by Otterbox) about it and they do not plan on making a case for the Fairphone anytime soon…
One of the reasons I’m less interested in the fairphone.

Here’s a link to the answer I got:

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The Biowaves one is a Hardcase - see posts above. A real good protective case.

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Has anyone found any clear case so far?

The FP4 - IMO at least - looks quite beautiful with it’s aluminum edge but removable back. I hate to hide it, but it seems all cases including the official ones come only in opaque. :frowning:


Is there a page about these Biowaves that is in dutch or English?

From the Canadian Group, I think its not yet mentioned here


Thanks @yvmuell for forwarding the info. Here are some pictures of the case made by the Swedish business named “Bark”.


That Looks awesome
What do you think

Well, it’s not made from concrete, so I cannot call it a ‘brick’, but it comes really close!

How long will this case last?
It looks really interesting to me.

Biowaves.de Site is so far only in German text.
But you can translate it:


There’s currently an offer of free earbuds with a new 'phone, so I’m buying a Fairphone 4 5G earlier than planned :slight_smile:

I’ve always used a case - not one of those that flips open like a book, but the type that you slide the 'phone into from the top - like this one

I can’t find any that say that they are the right size for the Fairphone, but I’s sure that the handset is pretty much the same size as some other company’s models, so cases made for them will be compatible.

Can anyone tell me what other 'phones are the same size as the FP4 5G, please?

I always used these for my previous phones and now for my FP4: Custom tailored phone tablet and laptop sleeves
You tell them what phone you want it for and they custom tailor it.


We cannot expect a Fairphone case from Lifeproof anymore. They have been fully absorbed by Otterbox.
I like my ‘slam’ case and it’s sad the Fairphone hasn’t got one like it.