Fairphone 3 display - red and blue botches after fall: will new display help?

Hi all,

I fell from my skateboard yesterday and my Fairphone 3 with me. It was in a bum bag and protected, yet I fell on it and there are now some blue and red spots in the background on the display visible now. Found a comparable issue here on the forum but my question was unanswered there: Will a new display solve it or am I dealing with problems sitting deeper in the phone now? Or put differently: Will I just be able to see the blotches better with a new display or will they go away? :wink:
Great if there was somebody here who could help.
Best, Lars

Hi. Often display glitches are a consequence of poor contacts rather than a faulty display.

  • Check around the edges of the display to see if it is seated well
  • Press down on on the right front of the screen just below centre, this is where the contacts are.
  • Remove and replace the screen to see if that helps.

You may also find a #fairphoneangel near you that can help.


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