Fairphone 2 and antenna + software issues?

Ok, so I´ve had my Fairphone 2 for about 7 months now. While I love the idea of a fair phone that´s parts are changeable, I must say that I have some serious issues that I wish folks around the drawing board to solve soon.

  1. What is wrong with the antenna of the phone? I live in Finland and me and my wife have the same exact mobile carrier, and when we go anywhere outside the urban area, my FP2 is practically useless. She has iPhone SE and (as I said) the same exact carrier. Standing next to each other she is having full or next to full 3G signal while my FP2 is showing zero signal. I mean completely dead. I might as well shut down the phone all together, because it´s not just unable to get 3G or EDGE reception, it´s unable to find any signal. The mobile reception sign on top bar is completely empty. And we don´t even have to go anywhere far in the wilderness, just outside the urban areas. And it´s not just iOS vs. Android thing. Just last week I noticed the same thing with my pal having the same mobile carrier as mine, but a Sony phone. While she was able to call a video phone via WhatsApp, I couldn´t find any reception what so ever while standing right next to him. What´s up with that?

  2. Compared to many other modern phones, mine is often very laggy and I get a lot of “not responding” messages. Right now the phone is attached to my computer and charging. As I try to open it, nothing happens. Often, when the phone is charging, this happens.

I am sorry to say, that as much as I love the idea of this phone, and will keep using it hoping the future will bring some improvements in these issues, if the folks at Fairphone really want people start using these in a large scale, they have to address these issues.

Is anyone else having same issues with the mobile reception? Are these something that can be addressed and are these something that the folks by the drawing board are aware?

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Do you use two SIM cards in your FP2?

No, just one. Also, I could add to all this, that often, after these freezing episodes, my screens wallpaper has changed by itself.

la 3. elokuuta 2019 klo 14.30 Urs via Fairphone Community Forum noreply@fairphone.com kirjoitti:

I have got that sometimes with some cables, but not all of them. I often use different USB cables, depending on where I am, and one (no brand, no info on the cable) often makes the phone unusable while charging (but I usually can bring it to life when I unplug it, sometimes I also have to push the power button off and on), as opposed to another one which never causes problems (brand huawei, no info on the cable). The cable from a Samsung G3 does not work very well either.
You can find here some information on chargers here:

And a list of chargers compatible with the FP2:

Not that not only the charger but also the cable make a difference. I my case, the same charger with a different cable behaves differently. It is possible that using a data cable makes a difference.


Have you tried to play with the settings? In “preferred network type”, if you change to 3g or something else, does it change something?
See also another way to change settings:

I have to try this the next time this happens.

Have you attempted to clean the contacts (for 2G/3G/4G)?

Not sure what you mean. Like opening the whole phone and cleaning the antenna? No I haven’t and don’t think that’s something a common user should have to do. At least on a phone that’s about 7 months old.

la 3. elokuuta 2019 klo 16.42 JeroenH via Fairphone Community Forum noreply@fairphone.com kirjoitti:

Not opening the whole phone, just detaching the display.

It could be this if its an older or refurb model. On a new model, this should not occur right away, so if you bought a new one (not refurb) and you had the issue right away then I would assume it is not this issue.

You are right that this should not occur. Fairphone should’ve used gold for reception instead. But this would’ve made the phone even more expensive.

I to find my phone very laggy. In comparison to my husbands android, of similar mine is very slow to open pretty much anything. So frustrating.

This is not normal.

What did you already try to resolve this? (Reboot? Re-seat SIM card and microSD card? #dic:safemode? #dic:hardreset?)

Which OS are you running (Fairphone OS/ Fairphone Open OS/ LineageOS) and which version/ build?