Fabulous #EFCT18 Photo Contest 📷 (Everyone can take part!)

Some of you might remember the Grand #EFCT16 Photo Contest 📷. This year during the ⭐ European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2018 (#EFCT18) we have something slightly different planned for you. Not only #efct18 participants will be able to upload photos, but every member of the Fairphone community (:eye::eye: yes, you too!). Also, everyone can vote for their favourite photos by liking the post. There are three + one categories and the three people person in each category with the most-liked photos will receive a little price. :frame_photo: + :heart: = :trophy: Here are the rules:


  • Everyone can upload photos, everyone can vote
  • A photo must contain both of these:
    • a typical landmark/sight of the place where you live or are on holidays right now
    • something Fairphone-related: a FP1 or FP2, a module, a t-shirt, a sticker, a drawing, etc…
  • One photo per person and day
  • You can win in four categories (always specify! - :no_entry_sign: no filters or post-processing allowed, except for FP1 photos):
    • Low to Mid-range smartphone camera (e.g. FP1, old FP2 camera, etc.)
    • High-end smartphone camera (e.g. FP2 new camera module, etc.)
    • Non-smartphone camera
    • Freeestyle (no landmark needed, simply post your creative, funny, surprising Fairphone-related photo)
  • Uploading is possible until August 27, 2018 9:59 PM (midnight)
  • Voting goes on until September 3, 2018 10:00 AM (noon)
  • Please remember that as of the User Content License of the forum, all content is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC 3.0

Updated on 2018-09-05

Winner’s Gallery

Freestyle category

1st place: @Chris_R’s dreaming of Fairphone (10 :blue_heart:)

2nd place: @Paule’s Only 87% battery left. I should better recharge. Better safe than sorry! :laughing: :laughing: (8 :blue_heart:)

Low to Mid-range smartphone camera

@AlbertJP’s One last glance of the IJ for the Fairphoners (7 :blue_heart:)

@Chris_R’s Being creepy in Utrecht underground bike store (7 :blue_heart:)

High-end smartphone camera

@z3ntu’s Mad @Friek not respecting the law (10 :blue_heart:)

Non-smartphone camera

@julesair’s fabulous view of Uetliberg in Zurich and the TV-Tower on top of it (14 :blue_heart:)


FP2 old camera. Not such a nice photo, but my workplace of today. 49 printed & folded train tickets for you Fairphoners!

Edit by @Stefan: Freestyle category.


Great idea, I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Does that mean that you can’t take black/white photos or set the luminosity before you take your picture ?

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Sorry, by “sights” I meant things you see during sightseeing. :wink: I reworded to “landmarks”. :slight_smile:

@spaniel I should reword that to “no filters”. Luminosity is fine then if I’m not wrong.

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After the trek, I’m dreaming of Fairphone…

(I know I might be stretching the definition of sightseeing)

Edit by @Stefan: Category Freestyle


I just added a new Freestyle category for funny, creative, surprising Fairphone-related photos, that don’t include a landmark/sight. Happy photo-taking! :smiley:

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Category: err… Can I choose “Freestyle with non-smartphone camera and old FP2 camera” ? If not, I choose the non-smartphone camera one.

So, this is a picture of my FP2 about to take a picture of the last remaining young White Storks in the biggest White Stork Village of Europe, Rühstädt (Germany), where I’m ending my internship in the Biosphere Reserve Elbe-Brandenburg’s library. The one above is trying to fly :heart_eyes:

Off-contest, but so you can see them with a true picture (as my FP2 camera’s quality is disastrous) :

My FP1 has 2 HP (horse power).

Category Non-smartphone camera


Category Low to Mid-range Smartphone camera

Being creepy in Utrecht underground bike store

Edit by @Stefan: This qualifies as a landmark because in the final stage it will be the biggest bike store in the world with 12,500 bikes.


:notes: “I’m too fairphone for ma’ shirt” :notes: :sunglasses:


I loved the group picture!! Beautiful people! :heart:


A typical brick house in Utrecht.
FP2 new camera


View on the Hochzeitsturm, Darmstadt’s emblem. On my bike you can see my new phone bag with the fairphone community symbol - handmade!

This photo is taken with my FP2, old camera module.


The Fairphone community in the bike parking, again. This time they are busy taking photos with their phones.

FP2 old camera


Big hug to all the community. Picture taken at home 3 minutes ago :wink:


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Since there haven’t been so many photos up to now, only the person with the most likes in each category will win a price. :slight_smile: