Everything works fine with FP2

Just wanted to post that we have no problem in all - this all sounds so scary here. Who can say the same that all works just fine?


Most people can. But then they usually don’t come to this forum.



I think that most people only use a fraction of the FP2’s features. If you use less features, you are less likely to stumble on bugs.

The “power users” who have two SIM cards and a huge microSD card in their phone, enable encryption, make use of USB OTG, have 50 apps installed and 5 Bluetooth devices connected, use screen casting, travel (roam) a lot, have SIP accounts configured, want to use VR goggles, charge their phone two times a day with three different chargers, (I could go on) will unavoidably be annoyed by bugs others won’t ever notice.

So I think it is not right to claim that “most peoples’ phones work just fine”. Not using the broken features doesn’t make them less broken.


(And no, I’m not doing all of these things with my phone. Only most of them. :wink:)


idiots! :wink:

on any device.


Good reply, Paul. Thank you.
I certainly did not want to upset anybody - I was just concerns reading about all the potential issues. And I agree if there are issues they should be discussed and fixed.
Still wanting to say that all works fine here :slight_smile:


Cool listing! Made me laughing…


OK, there are one or two things out of this list which don’t apply to my usage pattern. But I wasn’t finished. :sunglasses:

If you sell something with a lot of features, you better test them before shipping your product. Some people might want to use them.

“Oh no, there are customers who actually use all the cool features we put in our product but never really tested. Who could have expected that? Well, since most people are happy with our product we obviously didn’t do anything wrong.”

Don’t get me wrong: I’m (now) mostly happy with the FP2 and how Fairphone is working hard on fixing bugs. But it’s to easy to say “well, everything has bugs”.


After two return requests to COOL DOWN and get a REFUND-I hope that all works fine now. I had problems from the start (later than indicated delivery) to all the software hook-up´s, delays, colourful display, black display and really got a feeling that this is true an fair.
But, I have to give up if I see my 0,1 GB run into a 2-5 GB data volume with all day warming of the battery by all the data around.
The phone increased cost for the provider by a 400 %. Not much !

Lucky You. Keep it high. I hope to get the money. Good idea. Will join again if I am older.

have my one for 3 month 3 weeks 1 day now, it works, no problem
2 SIMs, work and private, extra memory card, photo,video, usual google apps plus a hand full others

I even go jogging with this phone from time to time (1 or 3 times a week), this makes me a bit nervous since in the jacket it can be pretty high humility through sweat and/or rain. and I am not convinced that the cover it the best protections.
I am also a bit skeptical if the vibration through running are a problem or not, especially with the modular design
but as said, so far no problems and I am pretty happy with my fairphone 2.
a colleague at work will also by one, lets see how this experience will be, hopefully good.
but I understand that, reading in this forum, you can become a bit scared

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2x FP2 here.

Both working perfectly, some minor issues like a rare reboot, resetting time after restart or a glitching scroll effect shortly after reboot but nothing serious.

Don’t use the dual sim feature. Have installed roughly 40 apps, use 3 different chargers, if charging at usb ports of personal computers count, even more. I frequently use 5 different bluetooth audio devices (Creative D100, Audi MMC for hands-free, Bose Soundlink Mini, Yamaha RX-V679 and a Logitech bluetooth speaker adapter) without any problems.
Both mobiles are equiped with a 128 GB Sandisk Ultra.
I regularly use different wireless networks, heavily use threema, often take pictures.
During really heavy usage a full charge lasts for roughly 1,5 days.

I couldn’t ask for more.

PS: open os w/o gapps

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Yes, the same here! I love my FP2 and have no problems with it! ( and I love some little flaws, so my phone is just like me… :slight_smile: )


Hehe, this is a very helpful attitude if you’re a Fairphone user! :joy:

Maybe they should make that their official slogan:

“If you love the little flaws in life, Fairphone is just for you!”


I had the problem that the screen shuts off or pixalises now and then. Fairphone told me that this was probably a problem with the connectors; not my fault, so they sent me a replacement that has not shown any hardware problems.

Then there was the Google Mobile Services bug, but this was nicely solved with the Fairphone Open Source OS plus the F-Droid repository.

Henceforth everything works fine and I have no significant annoyances.

My original FP2 was fine until May/June when I hit problems perhaps triggered by an update… my replacement arrived smoothly and has been perfect :slight_smile:

Working fine here!

I have been an overseas (USA) and double-sim card user.
I do get random restarts, but I had that on my previous Samsung, so I cannot complain about this.

Just wanted to say that my phone worked from the beginning and keeps on working even though its rooted, with OSOS and Xposed Frameworks. There were a few bugs and still are but I’m proud to participate in this project and I kinda feel like a beta tester.
Im shocked too every time I get the forum summary via email. This many people, all struggling with serious issues.
I guess Im just one of the lucky ones whose phone works :slight_smile:
Only problems I still have: camera cant focus during video and proximity sensor not working…


i’m not a power user with 50+ apps installed (the listing was terrific LOL), and i can add that since i have my FP2 i did not encounter any problems that couldn’t be solved with help from the forum (everything minor issues anyway). also. all the updates were installed properly and did not cause issues. in summary i’m happy with my FP2 (as i was before with my FP1 that’s now being used by my son). the only reason why i look forward to FP3 in 2-3 years: the phone is simply too large for me (i have large hands, no worries). not much too large, but the size of the FP1 was just fine. i simply want my “device” to take as little as possible space from my real surrounding, giving the virtual world its due place, the 2nd place.


I’ve been following Fairphone for a long time! I wanted to buy the first one, but as FP2 was announced, I decided to wait. And when it was released, I received an old phone from a friend. I had never bought a phone, all my phones where gifts from friends getting new ones. I have always had old phones with some issues and you get used to it! Maybe not fair, but quite ecological…
When I got my FP2, I can say that I was both really happy and quite impressed by it. I installed FPOOS directly and I haven’t had more troubles than with my previous Android phones. I have had issues (minor: clock resets after reboot https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp-open-os-clock-resets-after-reboot/17635 and major: GPS starts working after 10 minutes GPS doesn´t work on FP Open OS), but I prefer to try and have some issues with FPOOS than to use the (safer) OS with Google. I’m really happy that FP has released this open OS!
Like @christoph, I wouldn’t mind a smaller phone, but I can live with this one! I’ve read another message where someone asked for a non-smart fairphone (aka with keypad and a small non-fancy screen), which would also be a very good idea (but I don’t know if these phones have the same conflict-free minerals issues).
Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. all have had several versions of their smartphones. Some might think than FP2 isn’t as good as an iPhone 6-7 or an Samsung 7, but it’s already pretty good and we have 5 more versions to improve! But seriously, I hope that FP won’t bring out a new phone every year…


hi folks,

i am also (still) very happy with my FP2 (got it in february). i just want to mention two things:

  • i strongly believe that the FP2 has probably some more software bugs as a standard android phone. this might be reasoned with the lower man power behind the FP2 compared to the big phone companies.
  • further, i think that creating a new phone from scratch is damn hard, especially with the (very innovative and still unique) requirement to make it modular!
    …both points can - in my honest opinion - be accepted, on one hand, with tolerance, and on the other hand, by just seeing the big impact we all make on the phone industry by supporting fairphone and showing our friends the FP2 and being proud of the social and economical impact we create with this phone.

My FP2 works perfectly fine (for 5 months so far) :slight_smile:

… and indeed I’d never come here, if I hadn’t accidentally seen your post :wink: