Ethernet and USB-Charging

Hello I have a Fariphone 3+ and I am searching for a
USB-C adapter which provides:
1st Ethernet for Internet and 2nd USB Power for Charging.

None of the Adapters I bought are working.
Can someone tell me please which adapter is working with my Fairphone?

Thank you very much

Which way? Do you want the ethernet cable to charge the phone, which seems to be what you are saying or the phone to provide POE

What Is Power over Ethernet (PoE)? - Cisco.

I’m afraid no adapter will work, as this is not possible with the USB2.0 interface of the FP3(+). Others trying to use a docking station or something similar are reporting the same issue.
For example:


I want Internet over USB and having the USB ethernet powered external, so the phone battery does not drain.

Ob my previous phone I used

But this one and another I tried is not working…

I haven’t searched for a cable for such specs but it is possible. If you can have data flowing to the phone the cable can definitely carry 5V etc.

Interesting so I will look into it but don’t get your hopes up :slight_smile:

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You’ll be looking for an expansion dock / hub with its own external power supply. There’s an impressive lot of gear out there since last I looked - just a year or so ago!

Don’t know about the data compatibility that Incanus mentioned. I know USB 2 supports Ethernet, it’s doing it right now on my PC. Maybe there’s an issue with FPs or the OS. I’d advise contacting FP support before buying gear unless you can find authoritative info (someone else with the same gear).

However, what’s clear to me is that your dock / hub must have its own power for any extended use.

One point about that : in this case the phone would be able to charge from the hub. Fine. But if you’re looking at extensive use, bear in mind that this will pretty quickly charge the phone to 100%, whereas I advise exceeding 80% (or even less) when you can avoid it.

There is software around, I think I’ve seen this for Android(1), that will allow restricting the charge level. I certainly have that on my PC laptop, it holds the charge at 59%. Without that, or some other solution, you’re going to blast the phone’s battery life (number of recharge cycles before significant decrease of charge capacity) pretty quick, I fear.(2)

Edit (1) - I remember now : it exists for Android but requires rooting, because we’re talking pretty low-level hardware-related stuff.

Edit (2) : charging seemingly doesn’t work even if the hub is powered, but this may be an advantage - see posts below.

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Hello, Thank you.

About the battery I would not worry at all → it can be easily replaced :slightly_smiling_face:

On the other hand, I want to use my phone without wireless radiation, there are numerous studies showing that it can tremendously harm people and the environment.

When I use only a USB-Ethernet adapter, the battery drains fast, therefore the solution with the dock.

Hopefully Fairfone will one day implement these features:

1.: Wired Ethernet Internet with external Powersource for the Ethernet adapter.
2.: A Solution that my Computer can share Power and Internet to a Fairphone over USB.

For now, I will buy a Samsung DEX device, I dont’t like, that I have to through my old Samsung device away because of a damaged FP Sensor → Repair is not possible…

But unfortunately a Fairphone can’t meet my needs at the moment.

Thank you very much

Well whereas radiation can degrade objects, biological or otherwise, most of what you read is sheer nonsense. I used to work in the Royal Navy, maintaining Radar with outputs millions of times more powerful and within short distances. There was always talk of becoming sterile. I left the navy and have 7 children that are more that just fine.

The frequencies used in home equipment is of what is termed non-ionising radiation, that means the frequency is so low that it cannot damage cells DNA etc by messing with electron orbits and quark spin. The only damage would come from high energy low energy like a microwave.

Your microwave, if you have one may beam out 3000w your phone a max of 3W via the network, wireless charging maybe 5W

Given that distance is a factor using your phone is probably 100 times more damaging than wireless charging and being in the kitchen with your microwave another 100o times more damaging.

If you get warm by your microwave you may be too close. Water is a great absorber of em waves. Put a goldfish bowl between you and the microwave or you and the wireless charger or you and the phone, preferable without a goldfish is you think it may get cooked and you like your fish alive.

I’m not saying there can be no damage but the worry and finding the right consumer products will undoubtedly cause more damage to you, you family etc. But it doesn’t really matter how you chose to charge you phone the damage is mostly in it’s manufacturing and continuous use.

All a bit tongue in cheek but absolutely true if you believe in polarised discussions.

Hope I haven’t offended you and am happy to remove anything you find too confrontional etc.


Well sure the battery can be replaced, but we’re trying to limit what we throw away and avoid polluting the environment - especially when such pollution serves no purpose. Batteries require lithium and that’s getting harder to come by. I read some very disturbing news about prospective open-cast mines in Spain that could ruin the countryside and local ecology. The best solution is recycling, but that’s too expensive at the moment. Are the batteries are too cheap?

But to get back to the hub thing : did you read this post that Incanus pointed us to? It turns out that although using a powered hub didn’t allow the FP to charge, it did slow down the discharge rate substantially. The best result was with the following combination:
Fairphone 3 + ICZI + DisplayLink + TV USB (providing the power, as the ICZI isn’t itself powered) or a 45W charger ; the discharge from 85% to 80% took 32’ as against about 29’ for the FP alone with nothing connected. So that’s 10% per hour.

So this would also have the advantage of not flogging the battery (if I’ve understood things aright) :slightly_smiling_face:

Why not ask @serl 's advice?


Use a computer. You’ll get ethernet, a bigger screen, a real keyboard :smile:


Well yes, that did cross my mind too … :wink:

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Is this the type of thing you are looking for?

Thats how I thought till 4 years ago:
I figured out that my sleeping disorder and fatigue syndrom were related to the uptime of my wifi accesspoint.

Really unbelievable - in Germany the Telekom (#1 Phone Company) warns from Wifi accesspoints beeing installed near children or places where people are staying for longer timeperiods → why would they do that if there is no risk at all? Tell me?

If you dig deeper, you will find out, that almost all studies showing no effekt are funded by the Industry.

These are reasons for me to avoid those things as much as possible, meaning to use a Smartphone without Wifi - at least at home.

Unfortunately there are many apps, which are not available in a desktop environment…

Pretty much → Yes!
but all tested devices I tried, the FP charged without ethernet beeing connected to!

You can install virtual Android on a desktop and use any android app.


To support your concerns there is this

I’m not saying there is no risk but that it is so little that worrying is more damaging. Below I am showing you a table of exposure to radiation which includes alpha, beta and gamma.

Gamma is the pure emf i.e a radio signal and very damaging due to it’s high energy (1,000,000,000,000) times more energy per photon. Sure distance is a saviour as most gamma rays are interstellar but not from human made nuclear fission.

From the table you can see the amount of radiation from several sources. The table was created by a manufacturer of EXIT lights that use tritium decay to keep the florescent lamps alight for some 10 years

The purpose of the table was to show the relative exposure if a person was in a room when one broke and the tritium is inhaled.

The relevance is the The fallout from Chernoble and all nuclear testing is much less. Note the amount received from gamma rays if flying or living in Denver. Note also that from polonium inhaled from tobacco.

Microwaves are only damaging if excessive and you are more prone to damage by using road transport.

That you can link sleep to wifi is normal but not a logical issue as in cause and effect. Many tobacco smokers go on to marijuana and then cocaine but before that many were breast fed. A link does exist but it’s more to do with how you view your health and state of mind.

I’ve been vegan for 47 years and it takes mental astuteness, I would NOT recommend it to anyone for any reason as they may become ill, but the illness doesn’t come from the input but from the reaction. If you consider yourself at odds with wifi, sure don’t use it. If you do something that you are uncomfortable with you are likely to become ill whether wifi, banana or sunshine.


This is the normal argumentation, trust me, i set up a Raspi switching the Wifi accesspoint on a random basis and recorded my sleeping for 3 Months. Comparing the Raspi switching protocoll i was really surprised. → it matched exactly… so for me there is no doubt.

Xray does not have to do anything with EMF! Probably ancient radar technology either. Modern EMF exposure is: 24/7, polarized in various ways, pulsed and with a enormous Bandwithspectrum.

But as long as the authorities deny non thermal effects of EMF (those are clearly proven to exist - e.g. search for Calcium-Channel and EMF), safety limits are definitely not safe.

I will cut this discussion, because it has at this point nothing to do with my first question.
Hopefully one day, i can plug in my Fairphone to an POE-Powered Ethernet Port and decide how far to charge the battery and everything is running (including VoiceOverEthernet for mobile calls!)


This looks promising: USB-C Ethernet Adapter for USB-C tablets and mobile phones
or I found a Belkin Adapter where you can charge and use Ethernet. My Minix Adapter will charge the phone but does not recognize Ethernet adapter. This has nothing todo with USB2.0 its rather that the OS does not have any drivers for Ethernet adapters and settings to get an IP.

Electromagnetic waves,

EM ElectroMagnetic (Frequency or Waves) EMF = EMW x 300,000

Visible light, X-rays and Gamma rays are exactly that :- ElectroMagnetic waves of various Frequencies.

Gamma is high level ionising radiation is that which has enough energy to disrupt cells/atoms/particles by resonance as the object absorbs energy at a frequency relative to it’s physical size.

Light frequencies will resonate around 1micrometre Gamma rays around 10 pico metres. etc

Then there is the strength of signal. Sunlight has an average max of approx 1000Watts/m2 falling on naked skin for example and can burn. Violet light being at the higher end will carry more energy and burn quicker.

2.4Ghz which is what (4G, Bluetooth, Wifi, Microwaves) is rarely producing 3.2Watts. So the largest dose would be from using the phone by the head and getting part of the 3.2Watts by your ear, but note that there is unlikely to be 1Watt facing your ear.

Given that the visible light EMF is 100,000 more energetic than the 2.4Ghz and your body receives 1000 times more power from the sun when bathing naked you are subject to EM wave energy level 100 million times the strength of your mobile.

2.4Ghz has a wavelength of approx 1cm so if you have lots of short hairs on your head you will pick up a lot more 2.4Ghz. I was in the navy as mentioned with lots of short hair. When I left in 1969 I decided not tune in to any particular range of vibes and so I stopped cutting my hair and shaving, so now I have long dreadlocks picking up frequencies around 300Mhz ~ lower than most radio transmissions and I sleep really well :slight_smile:

However if sleep is being upset by 2.4Ghz then something in your body corporeal or in your mental patterns are operating at the same frequency and feeling stress. This could be as simple as the object, cellular or electrical being orientated towards the signal source, laying down to sleep alters the orientation of your body|mind parts and can effect signal quantity reception. I sleep with my head north if I feel a bit sick, like being on a roundabout with my head spinning slower towards the centre. If I want my mind to be agile I sleep head to east to pick up the suns early gravity and light, before my feet feel the pull to get up.

So you can see I consider the orientation of my mind and body to my surroundings for my well being not to the actual objects of the external world being the cause.

RE your note on Ancient radar technologies. The ancient hardware has been replaced but the frequencies and pluses and strengths are much the same so your inclination to dismiss them as being the same is rather void.

True some wifi is 24/7 the transmission masts for example. But my wifi is off at night and my distance from my router isn’t constant, unlike many school children who may be so fixed, and my phone isn’t strapped to my ear. On this you may like to see paragraph Fairphone NoFry™ of the post

The bandwidth spectrum is rather irrelevant as it’s the 2.4G band is not enormous it is exactly what it is the 2.4Ghz band or the 5Ghz band ~ as compared to over 430,000Ghz for red sunlight and 730,000Ghz for violet light. The bandwidth of light is about one octave max. 2.4GHz’s bandwidth at 60MHz is more like a semitone of bandwidth.

So whereas you may be allergic to 2.4Ghz as some are to peanuts the wifi is not the cause, it is your state of being. And as I said it is your state of being and if you are not happy with 2.4Ghz then you will stay clear of it.

Anyway as this is well off-topic I will not continue further discussion on em waves, but thanks again for your indulgence.

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This has nothing todo with USB2.0 its rather that the OS does not have any drivers for Ethernet adapters and settings to get an IP.

That cannot be true because with this adapter I can link my FP3 with LAN:ĂĽtzt/dp/B06XQ4LT4R/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=digitus+usb+3.0+hub+lan+adapter&link_code=qs&qid=1619197663&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-5

But this adapter has no power supply as requested in OP.