The legendary Fairphone 2 "Technorati Edition" now for sale!

For sale is the fairly sourced, innovative, well thought through and excellently executed Fairphone 2.
Bought in 2016, still going strong in 2021, thanks to the Fairphone Forum!


  • One additional Fairphone battery,
    both batteries are modded to meet with the NoRattleNoReboot standard
    both batteries do hold a charge
  • One additional bottom module (broken for me, but you may yet salvage it)
  • One V1 camera module (V2 camera module is currently built in)
  • One Micro USB OTG Adapter cable to connect USB devices
  • One CTIA to OMTP headphone adapter to connect incompatible headphones
  • Buy now and you will get a very special accessoire (more on that later)

Exclusive features:
Fairphone edutainment game using revolutionary BlendedGaming™ exclusive for Fairphone 2 users!
Learn everything about every aspect of your mobile phone! Created by the ingenious and positively sadistic Fairphone designers, this puzzle game will keep you, your friends, even strangers from and off the internet on their toes!

  • Fairphone BlendedGaming™ enhances your mobile gaming experience by breaking out of the phone screen! It includes your friends and strangers as you have to involve them in your quest to reach your goal!
  • You’ll never know when or where, but you’ll know when it’s on! Your Fairphone 2 will suddenly reboot! Sometimes unnoticed, sometimes in the middle of a phone conversation. Now it’s your task to find out why!
  • Each reboot takes away 10% of your battery charge (not really but in software). If the charge gets too low, you loose and have to charge to continue playing!
  • Train your ༐ by not freaking out when it happens during a thelephone meeting or when you are doing a videocall with a potential client.
  • Train your GoogleFu by sifting through Megabytes of information on the internet
  • Train your social skills and find FairFriends™ by communicating with random people on forums, chats, even in the train with fellow sufferers using a Fairphone2!
  • Train your patience by communicating with the Fairphone support team
  • Learn about Android SDK, Fastboot, ADB, ÎźP technology as well as hashtags like #batteryguide #rebootsguide #oslist and many more!
  • experience first hand how a common problem unites and / or divide the people in the exceptionally awesome fairphone forum! Seriously. I’d be lost without you all <3 !

Fairphone two
cares about you!

Fairphone StaticSense™ detects any potentially harmful static charge on your body! Be it created by wearing swimming trunks, rain coats or winter jackets that are not made from fair and ecologically sourced hemp fibre, it will tell you by adding a “pop” sound to every video you take. Fairphone StaticSense™ needs no battery power but only the static energy detected on your body to create the pop sound. The more static, the more pop. Try rubbing your face with a plastic balloon then taking a video!

Fairphone SafeSound™ protects your ears! The Fairphoine speaker mode is as loud as other phones’ standard modes, preventing you from harming your eardrums by accidentally holding the Fairphone 2 to your ear while in speaker-mode or annoying people in the train because nobody will hear it.

Fairphone MindfulNow™ helps you relax and take it easy. This Fairphone 2 helps you slow down, take a deep breath while you wait.

Fairphone EfficientMeeting™ trains you to make your online video meetings and photo shoots quick and efficient as it does not allow charging the phone while the camera is active.

Fairphone NoFry™ ensures one of the lowest SAR values ever recorded on a smartphone at the time. This protects your body from too much non-ionizing radiation emitted by smartphones. In combination with MindfulNow™ it forces you to look up once in a while and experience the real world, as your Fairphone 2 struggles to keep up a signal where other phones keep their users’ attention fixed on screen as the data keeps on flowing.

Fairphone ExclusivePower™ helps you find the right charger. Only a select list of cables and charging devices fit the special fairness requirements of the Fairphone 2. Only the right combination of cable and charger will allow you to charge your Fairphone 2 and use the screen at the same time. Do you have what it takes to charge a Fairphone 2? Find out by buying mine!

Fairphone ExclusiveAudio™ helps you find the right headphones. Only a select list of headphones and headsets fit the special fairness and quality requirements of the Fairphone 2. Dont allow cheap, bad quality and unfairly produced headphones to kill your love for Music.

Fairphone is up to date!
Android 9 ready - Will upgrade to Android 9 based FP Open OS as soon as it is available! Fairphone cares about longetivity and holds up to their promise! The upgrade is just around the corner - FIVE YEARS after release! Not even google’s Android One program is able to do this!

Shut up and take my money!
If you decide to buy, you will get:

  • Fairphone 2 (CHF 599.- original and you know its worth so. much. more!)
    with a white hardcover, bottom right is chipped (see first photo) but it snaps snugly into place
  • additional battery, works (original worth CHF 35.-)
  • built in V2 camera, (original worth CHF 68.90)
  • V1 camera, still functional I guess (I bought the V2 in 2018 for better quality during my travels)
  • additional bottom module, broken for me (original worth CHF 38.90, now much more since they are EOL)
  • USB OTG cable (worth CHF 6.90)
  • CTIA to OMTP cable (worth CHF 9.90)
  • aaaand the special special is: A Philips Fidelio AS 111 USB Dock and Speaker worth CHF 89.00 !

A total value of over CHF 840.00,
now for only CHF 349.95 excluding shipping!

Shipping from:

  • Zurich, Switzerland (no, stop, I am not one of the rich ones. The FP2 was the most expensive phone I ever bought. I started to put money aside after I saw the FP1 of my coworker and the FP2 was announced)

Photos and Video:

Video of the working device:

Other, remarks:

This is not a fun post. Maybe a tiny bit parodical. But the offer is serious.


You might want to include the equivalent price in euros.

Actually, you nailed it. The FP2 is a phone like no other…


Currently CHF 349.95 x .91 = the best part of 319 Euros

Special offer only whilst exchange rate lasts. Exchange rates are liable to fluctuation without warning ~ the phone may cost more or less tomorrow ~ take a gamble :slight_smile:

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Except another FP2 :slight_smile:


Merci Alex. I want Swiss Francs (CHF) as that’s the money the country I live in uses in exchange for goods and services.
I have included a link to the current converstion on duckduckgo

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The conversion rate is not only variable by time but by the bank.

If I pay CHF 349.95 to a Swiss account my bank will take whatever they see fit as a sum of the exchange rate they use plus any extra fee, so there is not a static equivalent value in Euros

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Exactly. That’s how payment over changing currencies works.

For example, you take my offer, the bank converts it according to it’s own table, adds a fee to you and completes the transaction.

So if one would pay me in Euros, they’d have to include an additional fee which my bank will charge me for converting the Euros in Swiss Francs.

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