Discussion: Improving the software of FP3

Thanks for quoting this. As you can see I read it doesn’t always mean I could remember it :slight_smile: .

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how about “philistine”?

That covers a broader scope where I looked it up and sounds kind of negative for a good-natured pun.

Disregarder of the Arts :slight_smile: ?

Ha! Hätte nicht gedacht, dass es im Englischen ein Wort dafür gibt.

Mensch Leute, prügelt mich mal nicht so mit Eurer Eloquenz… :wink:

…und ich dachte immer es heißt fenistil:laughing:


Very minor thing, but the Fairphone does not give a device description when registering an IP address.
(Screenshot from a pfsense router webpage)

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You could consider that a feature, especially on public WLAN. One can see based on MAC anyway, unless you randomize that.


Randomized MAC adresses is actully is a feature im android now. Making it optional to announce a customizable device name would be most useful solution in my opinion.

Yeah, it is, but I’m not sure it always randomizes it, or only when scanning, or not when scanning, or if that was true in certain versions. I forgot. There was some caveat though.

(FWIW, on macOS 10.15, Apple managed to break randomized MAC addresses. Probably unintentional, as they implemented it in iOS.)

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Thanks for this list, these are exactly the things that I noticed / missed compared to my previous Android phone!

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Another really minor thing i’ve noticed from changing from the G5…


The charging/battery icon.

Top = slow charge
bottom = fast charge

The FF3 does inform you of slow/fast charge on the lock screen, but only there, a different charging icon would be an improvement :slight_smile:


I’d like the app icons to be in shapes other than a circle. At the moment any app that has a non-circular icon, the phone shows as a white circle with the icon inside it.

Is anyone else bothered by it?

@RuthiB just use a custom launcher app that supports this - so no, doesn’t bother me. No need to bloat the stock launcher. Also I’d rather like to see Fairphone devs working on bug fixes (first).


If you need some inspiration, here are some screenshots …

Thanks, and to @linusg too. But I’m really not into playing around with software too much. I’m using Fairphone cause it’s sustainable and, well - fair :slight_smile: (in the sense that you can easily fix the phone physically rather than buying a new one - and I do love that there’s such a helpful and clever support community here and so can sort out some software issues by myself. But I draw the line at running the phone with any non-FP software :slight_smile:

besides, I don’t think that having non-circular icons should be too much of a challenge, should it? I mean FP2, and more or less every other smart phone I’ve seen in recent years, manages to do it

Fairphone’s concept is to take Android from Google as is and change as little as possible to keep maintenance and delivering updates as easy as possible. I would be very surprised to see them bother with something like this.

The launcher the phone comes with is the stock Android 9 launcher as delivered by Google.
It’s one of the points of Android that you can easily replace it with a launcher you like more, be it to tweak some minor things like the icon shape, or be it to even have a radically different layout on your home screen.

If it’s your choice to refuse doing just that to improve your own experience with the phone, then it’s not on Fairphone to do something about that.
And Google has moved on to Android 10, I wouldn’t count on them adding options to their older launcher.


Thanks for explaining. See, I didn’t even know what a launcher is. I mean, I can imagine from it’s name, but as far as I - and I imagine the vast, vast majority of phone users - am concerned, I just turn on the phone and it works. It never occurred to me that the home screen layout and general look is operated by something separate from the rest of the phone software.

I still don’t understand why Google would create a launcher that doesn’t work properly with basic icons, but I take your word for it that it is not a Fairphone issue.

Maybe, when I have a little more time I will “choose” to spend it searching for a better launcher, make sure I install it correctly, make sure I know where I need to go for support if something isn’t working well, or it just needs an upgrade, etc. Until then, since I have a smart phone to make my life easier, rather than as a time-sink, I will indeed manage with the icons as they are.


I love this, as it is sooo true and should really be quoted more often. :smile:


2nd part of the movie. These guys are able to make it possible to install Linux on the device with Android preinstalled with a firmware update. Without having to flash anything with a computer. They even allow you to partition Linux/Android 0/120 GB, 30/90 GB, 60/60 GB, 90/30 GB, or 120/0 GB. That is supercool. Imagine such with a Fairphone. I know, it is a stretch really… but still… :slight_smile:


It would be nice if the volume menu that popped up when the buttons are pressed could be expanded with the other volume functions like ring, notification, media, alarm, etc.

I thought this was implemented really well in Lineage 16.