Current Support Status

11 October 2017

Current # of tickets: 5.213

1.367 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 13 days. (+2)


18 october 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.156

1.124 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 11 days. (-2)


Hi @Douwe,

Can that information be put on the Support page? At least I can’t find it there, but ‘Support’ page would be the one where I would search for such information. At least a prominently displayed link to these forum entries could be placed there?

“But the plans were on display…”
“On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”
“That’s the display department.”
“With a flashlight.”
“Ah, well, the lights had probably gone.”
“So had the stairs.”
“But look, you found the notice, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.”

(from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy :slight_smile:)


Sorry to say we won’t; this is just some informal messaging done by me for you. Often I also don’t do it, but in times of long waiting times, I try to keep people informed. I am not going to ask support to spend time on this as they have enough to do already.

Also, forum stats tell me that 3.9K people have read this thread so far, so you are in a better place then Arthur Dent. And this is no where as severe as the potential destruction of your house to make place for a bypass :wink:

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I forgot my FP2 account password (not the forum’s obviously) and tried to reset it through the usual process (click reset) and an email is supposed to be sent in order to reset the passwd. None received. I tried then to create a new account but my identity is in the database, so that does not work either. I sent an email to the customer support. The reason I want to access my account is to order a slim case, since the original one suddenly got ripped off on the volume area (left). That was surprising and not specially funny, seeing that a case costs 30 €, which I find a lot for such piece of plastic.

Reading all the above, it seems it is going to take for ever. to get an answer (either way, through reset box or support). Yet there is an obvious problem with the website procedure to reset the passwd. So is it all going to be dysfunctional?

If I order a slim case while creating another new account using another email address (I do not have many), will that order by processed and sent quickly or are all Fairphone services in limbo? At the moment, the phone is difficult t use with tape around and volume physical buttons quite difficult to press (the plastic bit sticks out).
Cheers, Bruno

Is it a slim case that is broken?
If it’s a regular one, it’s a warranty case for sure. But even a slim case should not suddenly rip off.
You really should ask for a warranty replacement if you did not drop the phone or the like.

Therefore you should file a support request:
You will get to the “Support request”-form through the trouble shooting for “back cover”.


Hi @Douwe, thanks for the quick reply!

In my little ideal world publishing major current support statistics in a way nobody can miss them might even help to reduce support work. When people see that tickets will take some days to be replied to then some of them may not fire the ‘have you forgotten my ticket’-ticket already on the next day. I am pretty sure the majority of tickets come from people who are not frequent forum readers (btw. those 3.9K are pretty sure visits, not unique people I guess).

Ooops! Support should never underestimate the perceived severity of an issue with their product. People may live in their houses/apartment but they say their smartphone contains their life! :slight_smile:


Doesn’t the automatic reply say that it might take over a week for them to answer? If it doesn’t, that should be added to avoid those messages that @maik mentions.

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Maybe the real reason for not wanting to publish those numbers on the support page is the feeling, that those data are nothing “to brag about”.
Of course I have no expertise in advertising or marketing, but it might be a misjudgement, as frustration - at least for me - would be less, if I would know in advance how long it takes.

That’s a great idea; the given time should be more realistic; i.e. up to two weeks.

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I guess that many existing customers think like this, but the media doesn’t. They would make fun of Fairphone and influence many potential customers and the public in general.


Shall do thanks, and provide a pic too, I thought that the material was poor quality

24 october 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.372

1.209 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 10 days. (-1)


I asked for a new slim case, showing pictures of the broken black case, the request has been granted it seems, but the mail I received says I can follow the process of my request on my client account, but since I cannot connect, it’s a bit kafkaesque
I sent an email to the address that sent the granting, explaining my situation but did not received so far any answer.

The trend is promising! :wink:

Don’t bother about this “follow on your account”.
I never managed to do this and just exchanged messages by mail. Did work fine for me (twice, as my first replacement cover was another regular one, that lasted … well, make a guess :wink: )

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Ok cool, thanks Bert, although I hope one day to recover my account access :slight_smile:

I received to case today, that’s nice. Still now news about my account and why the website is dysfunctional about resetting the passwd.

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31 october 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.712

1.448 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 5 days. (-5)


Hey, that sounds really fantastic! Down to less than a week.
And another great step - hopefully - is the lower number of new support tickets. Might be the changes in suppliers and the new modules are taking effect.

Have you tried logging into your account?
For me the account login workded flawless, while I could not log in to check the support status or to answer support mails other than by mail.


I’ve been waiting for 25 days withouth any response. :wink: Part of me wants to call again, the other part wants to see, if my ticket will raise the average time. Maybe I’ll phone just before Christmas.


That sure would take zen-like patience; and we should really hope, that your case will be solved for quite a few weeks by then.

No chance. Reply time is for new tickets only; and yours is quite old by now. :wink: Just kidding.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!