Out of stock/missing FP2 spare parts from online store

I used to have either an S4 or S5, I can’t remember which. I replaced it with my FP2 when it started running a bit slow, gave it to a friend and he still has it now. I wish I’d kept it as a spare, because he’s had no problems and my FP2 is chronically ill :confused:

What about the case of droping from 2 feets whit a cover case not doing anymore its job because completely deformed and waiting for a new one for weeks… finally new cover case received 2 days after the display module was broken. Waiting for availability of the display module since this time: does it mean that we need to purchase systematically 2 FP2’s in order to have at least 1 working ? I just hope that you have taken into account your past mistakes by reconsidering your 8D, ishikawa & supply chain

I don’t work for Fairphone. I’m aware though that I make mistakes and I’m trying to improve on myself. :wink:


Did you succeed to get a new display module ?

Not yet, still struggling by with this one with a dead left edge and phantom touches. I appreciate the support team are busy, but my ticket’s been open for more than 2 weeks without response now :frowning:

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Unfortunately that’s still to be expected, even if a bit over average:

Is that a timeline about the new Display Module? Is it already on production? Is that any chance that we could fix our phone before the end of this year?

Thanks for the support

I dropped my phone from a table (under 2 meters) the screen smashed. Unfortunately replacement screens are not currently in stock. Is there any estimate of when they will return or how long they have been out for? Is there another source of screens?

Well, for estimates on new stock, you have to contact support.

For other sources, you might try the resellers that are listed in this thread:

Memolife and Vireo in Germany currently have no displays in stock (just checked).

It seems you can order from Italy for 88.99 Euro:

Shipping to EU at 7 Euro.
Swiss shops seem to be out of stock as well.
Other shops I have not checked.

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Almost a month on from raising my ticket, I got one generic “make sure you’re running the latest version of software” response from support which I promptly replied to (almost 2 weeks ago), and nothing since. That’s a month I’ve been getting by with about 20% of my screen dead, and still no indication of when I could even buy a new display to sort out the problem myself. Got to say, that’s some pretty woeful customer support :frowning:

I just ordered from the Italian site “gogreenstore”. Now I don’t have to wait no more.Thanks a lot for the tip! I just hope it will be the same quality display as will be available soon from Fairphone…

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Screens are back in stock!! :smiley:


FYI: (20 characters)

One could argue that as long as the Core Module isn’t available, “currently none” is not quite correct.


The core module is not a module that is for sale. So it is not ‘Out of Stock’. It is ‘Not for Sale’.


Just ordered.

Thanks a lot.

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Right. I guess the “surveillance”, if and when the Core module is on stock, was performed in the past where nobody knew that it is not (and probably never will be) offered as a spare part.

So I would scratch that line (“Core module”) for good.

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@Gerry, @ChuckMorris, @Douwe: The first post is a #wiki, you could have edited it yourselves, but now I did it.


Yes I had a very badly cracked screen for nearly a year till got the new
one but the screen protector worked really well at holding it together
while I waited

I’m writing to complaint because the battery of my phone 2 doesn’t work and I want to order a new one but is unavaliable. I’ve been for 2 weeks without phone which is terribly annoying , I can’t understand how it is possible.
I don’t know if this is the right place for complaint but I don’t find another place-
I need a battery now.