New camera module can not connect

I did both (purge apps data and cache / using another camera app), without result.

So if you don’t know another FP2 user which could try to test the new module in his device, I would return this module as being faulty. I have no further idea :disappointed:

I got it. Today I essambled again the camara and works correctly. Thank you for your help.


Great! So I would suggest if the camera works stable to mark your post as solution.

My camera module still remains “death”; so the solution of KleinerAdmin is not for all of us good .
I reassembled the old camera and it works perfect. So I think there is a problem with the hardware of my new camera. It should be replaced by another.
I contacted “Fairphone support”, but untill now without answer.

You could call them, that works faster.

I received a new FP2 (including the new camera modules) some day’s ago and yesterday I also discovered this severe hardware issue.

When I physically stress the phone a bit (e.g. bending) I can trigger complete or part failing of the rear camera (see picture below). Sometimes, when the image fail remains for a couple of seconds when you start the camera app, it just says that it can not connect to the camera at all.

I already broke down to the module twice, cleaned and “rebended” the 3 contacts without success. I wrote an email to the support team, without a reply yet. I’ll keep you guys posted!

I also have the same problem with my new phone module, “no connection”. I also purged apps data and cache, and tried using another camera app, without result.
I have identified that the issue is with the front camera (not the one for taking selfies).

I had the problem that my new camera module did not connect. The problem turned out to be “two circular black thingies” preventing the new module to connect properly.
I made a picture of the thingies next to the old module, but with some imagination you should be able to vision where they were stuck.
We removed them with a screwdriver (veeeeery carefully!)
I hope this helps some of you
:slight_smile: Mette


Thanks, but it is no help for me. Always the same message “can not connect to camera”.

I have a similar problem with the new camera modules. They seemed to be working just fine, at first, but then I got one “cannot connect” message, and since then my camera app just hangs when I try to use it.
I’ll try reassembling. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll switch back to the old modules (I’m glad I haven’t sent them back for recycling yet) and try to get a refund.

UPDATED: I reassembled the phone, and cleaned the camera modules’ contacts with alcohol, and for now, the cameras are working.
In the instructions, it warns against tightening the screws too much. But, I think tightening them too little will also cause problems, because it means the electrical connections would be less secure. Just a thought.



After having my FP for 6 months. I also had problems with the connection of the camera. Sometimes my camera works, sometimes it doesn’t. So I read this whole topic very well. But now for the last week it worked well every day.

If the problems will come again. I hope to solve it by reassemble and clean the camera module. And I will take all your tips & trick about this in mind. So thanks everybody for this.

My phone has suddenly stopped communicating with the camera, even though I have not dropped or knocked it! I have tried rebooting several times, as well as trying to update the phone to no avail. I have disassembled both camera units, cleaned the contacts with alcohol, reassembled and still no connection with the camera! :roll_eyes:

I even tried restoring phone to factory data reset, but that did not help connect to the camera!

Sounds like a hardware defect. The fairphone troubleshooter will tell you what the optimal way is of filing a support request with Fairphone support.

Still the same with my camera. Today I sent a support request. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m missing the camera so much. It’s so practicle to have always a camera in your bag without to lug always with a real camera.

Reading some of the other posts, about issues with focusing with the new camera module. I was wondering what sort of quality control/quality assurance agreements Fairphone as with the camera manufacturer? Is Fairphone being sold sub-standard units, as it is a small player?

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Same issue and no answer from the support.
Seriously? How can it be possible that many people having the same problem?
What could be interesting in changing modules if it doesn’t work?
Honestly, I’m really thinking about change phone, because the bad quality of the camera is really a handicap…
And it is as much irritating as we don’t have any answer…

@Flora12 Support does not answer this forum, it is a community forum. If you want an answer from them, create a ticket.

Two people on the same forum is not immediately an indication of a big problem. For most users the camera just works fine. The modular design of the phone means there are slightly more problems - because the module contacts can be loose or accumulate dirt. But that is simply because no one ever built a modular phone before! Support may take some time to respond, but they are generally consumer-friendly: for instance some common defects are still sorted for free after the warranty term, which is quite special compared to ‘normal’ businesses who prefer to make money by selling a new phone.

Some parts have indeed been substandard - the cases and the screens - but those have been replaced by a newer edition which works well. The new camera is not one of them, it causes few problems. The software problems with the camera which people had in the beginning are mostly solved.

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Thanks for your mail.

I know that it is a forum where support doesn’t answer. But I’ve made two tickets already, with no anwser…

My post were maybe too strong, I recognize it ; but you did answer to it, in opposit to my tickets…

A lot of people posted similar problem, I was so frustrated to not get any answer! And I purchased a new camera module for hollidays, but it did’nt worlk and my hollidays are past.

I know support team is really friendly and has a really good way to answer, I always put a good notation to the surveys.

But this time, I have been so disappointed to get no answer…

I really appreciated your approach business and your communication and I’m talking about Fairphone around me because I trust in your business ; I’m sorry to have been that agressive ; I might habe been more kind.

But I’m expected to get answer when it doesn’t work…

Thanks for your mail again. I’m though waiting for the team support answer (I don’t have other solution, too afraid to broke the new module by cleaning it, or by remove some joint peaces…). I hope ithe answer will arrive soon.

Thank you and sorry again,