Cancelled calls are called anyway!

Hello !
I experienced a bad situation here !
I called someone, then cancelled the call (1milisecond later). It was okay from my side, but the person did receive the call that kept on ringing.
I just reproduced the case with my fix number, is it a recognized bug ??

Thank you
The bad thing is the story is that it was 5 a.m and i called my boss :frowning:


No, it’s no bug in all phones. I’have tried it with my FP2. It works as it should. If the call is cancelled really fast there is no sound in the other phone.

Maybe that could have been an error in the network, i.e. on the provider’s side?

I’m thinking this because I also don’t know how the phone could be responsible for this.

Edit: the title is in plural, so I wanted to ask @fairphone2_user, did you experience that once or more often?

@fairphone2_user, I experienced the same behaviour as well in the beginning with my FP2, but only with the default software version and not under all circumstances:
When cancelling a call right after initiating it, the user interface of the FP2 initially went back to normal as if no call was placed, but in the background the call WAS being setup sometimes. However, most of these cases, after a few seconds my phone showed the connecting call on the display afterall (the corresponding phone app with the active call showed up). Yet, I think once this did not happen, not sure about it though…

I think it might be related to the problem where phone calls cannot be placed immediately if Dual SIM selection is active, unless you wait up to 5 seconds before selecting the line you want to use. (EDIT: here’s the link to the corresponding thread in the forum: )
I never experienced the “call is set up in the background” problem if I wait those few seconds before selecting the line. Cancelling the call right away always worked fine for me this way. Thus, I have not experienced the issue ever since.

With system update to version 1.2.8, the “wait 5 second before selecting line for the call” bug was fixed for me.
Have not thoroughly tested the “calls in the background” issue with 1.2.8, but have not experienced the problem either so far.

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As I told you, I reproduced the “problème” more than once : If I cancel
right after I call (1-2miliseconds), the call continues in the background
ans I have nothing showing it in thé phone !!!

@fairphone2_user, I just described my personal experiences with my FP2, and which actions seemed to help me.

Which system version are you running? If you haven’t upgraded to 1.2.8 yet, you could give the upgrade a try and check if the problem persists.
(Ensure to have backups available of your data and configuration before initialising the upgrade process.)

Do you have two SIMs installed or just one?
If two: configure your system to ask you every time which SIM you want to use, and try to wait 5 seconds before selecting the line to place the call. It’s not a solution, but if this helps, you could use this “workaround” to ensure that a subsequent cancelling of a call will really cancel it.

If I remember correctly: the problem only occurs if the call is cancelled immediately after dialing. If you wait a few seconds while the phone initialises the call and cancel THEN, I think the call is cancelled properly then. Might be a workaround as well, though a rather unsafe one.

If nothing helps, you could open a support ticket - but from what I know the guys at Fairphone are still pretty busy - it might take a while for them to be able to get back to you on this issue (especially as - at least in my opinion - it is a rather less critical problem).

I have this problem aswell and i am not using two sim cards. I also have been using the same sim- and operator for years so i dont think that ia the issue. Really enoying bug!

I can completely confirm this annoying behaviour with both, the original FPOS and v1.2.8!
I can also confirm:

  • it only happens for me, if I cancel DIRECTLY after placing the call (<1s). The bad thing: the FP2 doesn’t even show any message about the call in the background AND the called persons phone is ringing for a long time!

  • it does not happen, if I wait until FP2 made the first initialization process (after the symbols in the stock dialer app appeared [I will post a screenshot later]) and cancelling then the call.

I use 2 SIMs, 1xFonic (O2 net) and 1xO2 and (with "always use SIM1).

I think the behaviour is connected with the buggy performance of the stock dialer app, which sometimes drives me really crazy and which I reported here.


I also suffer from this bug. Not just a few times have I called someone I didn’t mean to. Having to wait before pressing the button is counterintuitive, but I’ll give it a try.

I realize it several times.
When I make an outgoing call, if I suddenly I stop it - unwanted call or mistake - during the first 1 to 3 seconds, the call doesn’t stop at all, it continues going out while the screen shows the call is off! It shows me that no call is active, but it can continue ringing in the other side (the recipients phone);

that is, the recipient actually receives the stopped call and, further more, he/she can answer it!!. Then, sometimes he/she hear me and sometimes not.

While all this happens, I may be unaware that the call is actually going, and I create a second call in the next few seconds – the correct one. That call goes on. While the the 2ond call goes on, the first recipient appears in the speaker and I am able so say some words; until the second recipient takes the call. That is; it seems the phone is able to manage an outgoing call (ghost) and a second one, and mix both, for few seconds.

Third case,
Having startes an outgoing call, in a normal situation or the above one, if I receive an incoming call in this precise moment, when my outgoing call is ringing, the phone shows supperposed dialogs and ringings for the two calls, which is diffucult to manage,

Is the first time I see this behavior in mobile phones. Seams that some trigger is missing in the phone app.


Yep, happens to me quite a lot. Only have one sim.

Same issue occurs with my fp2. I don’t have dual sim activated (because even after the latest update I still have to wait the 5s). It occurs within the O2, D2, and D1 network providers so I do think it’s a issue with the phone itself. Waiting until the call has been set up works but then the phone on the other side will ring anyways at least once.


I’ve the same issue (exactly like @masteler). I’ll not rewrite the issue but it’s really annoying.
I hope you will fix it as soon as possible.

Same problem for my phone. It is upgrade to the latest version 1.5.1.!
I use two SIM cards. The problem occurs, when calls are made with a preferred SIM, without choosing. As workaround, I set the call setting to “ask every time” which SIM to use. Now I have to wait the 5 seconds after the selection dialog for the two SIMS appears. That’s of course a good way preventing unwanted calls, but annoying, if calling a lot of numbers in a short time.

I have the same problem but I’m only using one sim… Also, when I make a call it takes some time for my calls to start. So if I want to cancel I have to wait until my calls really start (and the other side gets a ring regardless of the time of the day). That’s just what I want to prevent when hanging up a call …

if i accidentally start a call to anyone…even if i stop it immediatly, the call stop on my screen, but continue and really make it happen without any possibility to stop or to talk when the other phone pick up the “ghost call”.

i named it a “ghost call” because i stopped the call, the screen call mode disappear but the ghost call continue untill the called respond ore reject the call.

very very disappointing

Very irritating, one of many problems with the phone app.

I have the same problem and no solution or explanation, but a workaround:
If you want to cancel the call which you startet accidently: WAIT until the 5 grey symbols (speaker, hold, mute, …) inside the dialer app are clickable (not greyed out anymore) and THEN press immediately the red hang/cancel button.

Only if you cancel the call BEFORE the 5 symbols are clickable, the call will be placed nevertheless and the dialer app even doesn’t show you!

I still hope for a OS-update…
Best, Robert

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Still not fixed in 1.7.0. I experience both the bugs in my dual-sim situation:

  • Cancel call will proceed with calling. You can also see this in the SIM configuration menu. It states you cannot change sim choice for making phone calls while in a call.
  • When the SIM setting for making phone calls is set to ‘always ask’ and you call someone, you need to wait for 5 seconds before tapping the SIM else the call is cancelled.

Had the same problem several times. I have only ONE Sim-Card. Did not yet recognise it in Version 1.7.0 (but this version I just have 1 day…).
My workaround was to quickly activate airline mode. But that can’t be the final solution.
My Network is HoT which uses the network of T-Mobile Austria.