Cancelled calls are called anyway!

I’ve same problem. Cancel call and screen shows no call present but its calling in background happened more 10 times.once to my neighbours at 3 am and completely freaked them outi
I’ve one sim only

Still exists in 1.7.1. When called party picks up, the call is established until the other party hangs up… (I’ve waited over >5 minutes.) You can hear some clicks on the other side.
@paulakreuzer are you aware of this issue?

Yes I am. It’s on the #commonissues list.

For me a factory reset on 1.7.1 solved the issue.

Huh. I have 1.8.1 freshly installed… I am actually in process of wiping the phone, so I will give that a try (one of these days).

Hi, I’ve just discovered this annoying bug.
Tested with two friends and with my home phone, always the same. I start a call, then immediately drop it, but after a few seconds the other phone starts ringing, and if he picks up the call timer starts running, but nothing at all is heard form the speaker. On my side everything looks like the call has been canceled (and nothing is heard from the speaker).
I have recently upgraded to 1.8.1.


Just a small UP. It’s a very annoying bug … I’m fed up of this bug.

Hey there!

I would like to report a very strange problem with FP2.

The phone is calling autonomously after dropping an outgoing call.

Example ( I noticed this while I was calling my girlfriend…she was in the same room).

  1. I call my girlfriend and then I hang the call just before she is answering;

  2. After few seconds the phone of my girlfriend starts ringing while my Fairphone looks totally normal ( no calling screen interface);

  3. If my girlfriend answers she can’t hear sounds from her side. There are no ways I can stop/interphere with this from my Fairphone.

I’ve tried to install the last updates, but still it’s not working.

Please let us know what it is because this is a bit confusing!
Any info or suggestions counts!

Thanks in advance,

Even with the newest software version this annoying bug is still not fixed. I have had it since day 1. The workaround (see above) does work for me, but this bug badly needs to be top priority.

I confirm this bug with the Fairphone OS 1.12.0 !

I had the same issue yesterday with my Fairphone 2 (OS 1.13.0).
I called the wrong person (my boyfriend who was in the same room) and cancelled the call right away and started a new call. After a few seconds my boyfriend’s phone started to ring, even though I was calling someone else at that moment. I then cancelled the second call too (or so I thought). I didn’t see anything on my screen, a few seconds passed and all of the sudden I heard from the speakers that I was in the mailbox of the second call.

I’ve never had that problem before. I updated to OS 1.13.0 three days ago, maybe it has to do something with that in my case.

@Maggie94: Maybe you have never aborted a call moments after placing it before? The bug has been around for a while.

Is there any official stance from the FP team? I can’t find it in the official bug list, which sadly is much shorter than the community one:

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