🏒 Canadian Fairphoners! 🇨🇦

It might also be that the Fairphone does not support the LTE network frequency of your operator, as these are different in the Americas than in Europe.

None of the LTE networks in the States are supported, for instance. In Canada some are compatible, some aren’t. A few users have reported success with Fido and Rogers (but in different parts of the country).

Hello here from Montreal!

New FP2 user, generally happy with the device although damn the thing is bigger than I would like. :slight_smile: I’ve got a plan with Fizz and it seems to work fine so far. One issue I had was that the plastic cover screen wasn’t documented anywhere so I had to ask around to be told the obvious…

Speaking of which - anyone has a spare screen (and back cover) lying around? I figured I would get a spare one now before they become (even?) harder to find…

I’m also writing down my notes and first impressions here:




I just received a FP2, bought from @teleute , and I am loving it! I slipped my Koodo SIM card into it and it works like a charm down here on the north shore of Lake Ontario (east of Toronto). It is using the H+ network, which, as mentioned by @Johannes, is “H = HSPA , an extension of 3G that is sometimes referred to as 3.5G.”

Hope this answers questions you may have about networks in this part of Canada.


Hi !
I’m in Canada and I’m looking for a canadian sim card, but I’m not sure it will be compatible with my FP2.

On the Lucky Mobile website it is said:

Your phone must be compatible with LTE AWS (1700 MHz) or LTE 700 MHz bands, or UMTS/HSPA compatible on 850/1900 MHz bands. See your phone’s user guide for information about network compatibility.

I can’t find the answer on the Fairphone’s website.
Do you have the answer?
Have a great day !

As long as nobody recommends anything specific, you can always start your search at https://willmyphonework.net/.


Well, the tech specs of the FP2 are here on the FP homepage.


In short:
LTE will not work, as Fairphone supports 800 / 1800 / 2600 MHz for LTE.
UMTS/HSPA will work, as 850/1900 MHz bands are supported.

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The FP3 would support more LTE bands according to this source. As the FP2 is out of production it might be worth waiting a moment to see whether these FP3 rumours are true.

the specs are out, and it looks like the FP3 supports more bands than the FP2. follow the discussion here:


Hello there!
Just arrived in Canada, staying here for some time.
My FP2 works fine here with Fido, but I need to replace the battery. Do you know if the official FP store ships spare parts to Canada? Are you aware of any different way to get a new FP2 battery?


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The official Fairphone shop does not ship to Canada.

But resellers might do, e.g. Vireo … https://www.vireo.de/marken/fairphone/8628/fairphone-2-akku.


Cool! I’ll check it out!
May ask if there is a way to make sure the battery is really gone or if there could be a different issue in the mobile?
As many other FP2 mine has many aches and pains :slight_smile:

You could try the online troubleshooter … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001041206-Troubleshoot-your-Fairphone-2-issue

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You can find a list of resellers, that sold the FP2 and accessories in this thread:

Though not all will send batteries on their own overseas, as they are hazardous goods. E.g. ecosto did not deliver to Canada, if I recall it correctly.
There must be another thread with that question already.

Just got FP3 and it works nicely on 4G with Fizz (Videotron QC).


Hi fvo_3000,
I live in Quebec too and would like to know where did you buy your FP3 ?

Got it sent to friends in Europe then some other friends brought it over to me :smile:


Hello! I am new to this community and will be ordering an FP3 through Vireo shortly. I live in Montreal. Excited to share my experience when I get my hands on it :slight_smile:


FYI - the shipping was cheaper from Clove (https://www.clove.co.uk/collections/smartphones-fairphone). Overall cost was about $50 CAD less. The taxes/duties were about $45, and I ordered mine on Tuesday and got it on Friday! Couldn’t believe how quick they got that moving. It wasn’t an expedited shipping option or anything…