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Hi, I have been keen on getting a Fairphone for years, but I live in Canada. I am wondering if the Fairphone 3 will be able to be used in Canada, specifically on the Fido network. Anyone have experience with the Fairphone 2?
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For experience with FP2, there are quite a few users here in this forum:

And even more (going back to the FP1 and 2014):

And you might try this page:
The Fairphone 3 is not yet listed of course.

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I wouldn’t give too much on this support article. It’s obviously just a copy & paste of the corresponding FP2 article (with minor adaptions):

The FP2 doesn’t support any of the 4G LTE bands used in the USA, so “4G(LTE) will not work” was correct for the FP2. But the FP3 supports way more bands, including some used in the USA.

Also, the supported 3G bands listed there don’t match the ones in the tech specs on the official product page.

(I’m aware this thread is about Canada. Just wanted to point out that “official” information from Fairphone is not necessarily correct.)


It’s unclear.

Last I checked for this (and it’s been a while), this was the frequency distribution in my region:

The overlap with the FP3 specs (“Bands - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 13, 20, 26”) are:

Which means you don’t get 700MHz with Fido, for example, but might get coverage with the others.

My experience with 4G (and even 3G) with the FP2 is that coverage is also spotty anyways. From what I can tell in the specs, the coverage with the FP3 is better than the FP2, which only had bands 3, 7 and 20 covered. So if you are happy with the FP2 coverage now, you might be happier with the FP3 in terms of connectivity, which is good news…


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