Can you help me contacting the Barcelona angel?


my fairphone 3 has died (except for a little red light when I attempt to charge it) and I want to contact with the Barcelona angel. I’m trying to do it through the page but it continues to send a number to muy phone, which obviously I can’t see as the phone is broken… Can anybody help me contact this person?

I already contacted with the Fairphone page and I’m waiting for the answer.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Did you email ?

My understanding is you would get a response via the forum as a private message.


No, but thanks so much. Will do it asap!


There is a link on the page . . .

Sure, but it is impossible to see, as this links goes to a page of gmail that asks for my identity and I only can prove it through a number they send to my phone or opening the mail to my phone, and my phone is dead, so there’s no way I can see the email adress…

When I click on the link Barcelona > Contact 1 it opens my email client Thunderbird and I can just send a message.

if you want to do it manually the email is shown in the status bar of my browser as

EDIT :: Just sent you a private message.

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This method works! I was able to get in contact with @anon9989719 Over an issue I had with my fp3, no need to verify or anything just plug into email software and send message :slight_smile:


Please, read the older posts. I have already said why in my computer this is not possible. It doesn’t help to know it IS possible in yours.

I don’t get it. So your problem is, that you can’t send emails, because gmail is your only account, and that can only used with the phone?

The way I read it, Gmail wants to confirm a login by sending some confirmation code to the phone (then to be input by the user for the login) … but the phone it sends the code to is dead, so no Gmail login possible.

What to do in this case, I don’t know. I would think Google would have some process set up for such a case.

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I think she can’t get her email starting as it needs to be confirmed by a code which is send to the broken phone.

That’s what I wrote, but it’s not necessary at all to use Gmail to contact a Fairphone angel by mail.

@angels_barcelona to the rescue

I have send a message to Barcelana Angel on your behalf and asked if they want to contact you by private message on this forum.

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:slight_smile: I should maybe have said, publicly, ~ I had already sent a private message to the OP saying I had contacted ‘Barcelona’, but it seems they haven’t heard back :frowning:


Thanks so much!!!

Yes, what happens is I can’t use muy only account (gmail) because it keeps sending a code to my broken phone.

But you could easily create a second email account.

Thanks so much again. Now I’m going to an android store in Barcelona to see if they can help. They said they didn’t know about Fairphone, but I’m going to try because all the other options don’t seem to work. Thanks to everyone trying to help.

And which phone should I put to authentify my identity?

You don’t have to. If you don’t activate 2WA, it works without a phone. There are even people out there without a smartphone at all ;).