Camera issues with Lineage

anyone had issues with the back-camera using Lineage OS?

I got my new camera module these days and I stumbled about the issue, that it only produces a black image if used with flash (in the dark). If I’m in a lit environment I get to see stuff, but it’s much darker than it would be without flash…

I’m using pretty current Lineage OS and it’s standard camera app.

Anyone had this before or has some tips before I try to flash back the original FPOS / send the cam back?

(new front cam is working perfectly)


This is a known bug with the stock camera App in LineageOS.

Please try the Open Camera App, the new cameras work fine with that (for me).


you’re totally right!
thank you so much!

(did not find that before…)

Thanks AnotherElk!

I also had an issue with default app & saving of images, 3 of the photos I took sometimes appear and sometimes don’t in my gallery app(s). Appear the image files not be in the DCIM folder, despite somehow appearing in my photos app so presumably being somewhere… I ended up with 2 DCIM folders so renamed one dcim2, don’t know if it will reoccur.
I can’t see any bugs on this, anyone else have the issue?

I’ll probably just switch to OpenCamera anyway!

Hi there.

I just bought the two new camera modules and was so happy to put them into my FP2 … but they do not work with LOS … ?
Since they didn’t update the FPOS to Android 7, the only way I found was transfering to LOS …
What should I do now I have bought them ? Force to get back to android 6, slower and with less autonomy ? Almost everything was working perfectly with LOS, the old cameras work perfectly. Therefore downgrading to Android 6 is not an option for me.
Do I have any option to make them work on android 7 or should I send them back for a refund ?

Thanks for your advices …

With a recent-ish (basically less than a half a year) LineageOS build it should work.
If it doesn’t work, you should try flashing FPOS (make a backup first!) and see if it works there. If not, you should return the module and if it does, there is probably something wrong with your LineageOS installation.

https://www.fairphone.com/en/2018/05/08/keeping-your-phone-longer-refreshed/ :slight_smile:


For me, no problem with opencamera on LOS and the new modules. What are your problems?


@lklaus is right, try Open Camera.
But the stock camera App works with my new camera modules, too.


Thanks for your advice.
I use Lineage 14.1-20170815-UNOFFICIAL-FP2. When I ask for update, it says that there is not available update … maybe I should flash the official version myself and see how it works.

To be more precise :
When I open the LOS stock camera app, it crashes directly.
When I try to take a picture with Wechat, it says that it couldn’t connect with the camera.
I got none of those problems once I put back the old modules. I already cleaned all the contacts carefully.

Yes, that’s an extremely old version. Just download the current one from https://download.lineageos.org/


Here are instructions for migrating from the old unofficial to the current official builds …


I’m not familiar with wechat, i had no problems with my chat apps. Maybe you should we the cache for wecbat? I mean, parameters for the new module are different, resolution and who knows what else b maybe pls parameters are in the way?

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It’s not related to wechat itself, my cameras were just not recognized by the phone, no matter which app I used.

Thanks very much. Now I updated to the latest LOS version and the cameras work.

But now … when I try the front camera for selfie, I get two green borders on the edge of the picture. Very strange…

Just to be on the safe side. Did you adjust the resolution of the new modules?


You are right. When I adjusted the resolution, that green border disappeared ! Thanks again :wink:

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When I take pictures in dark environment with the stock app of LOS, the flashlight works before taking the pictures, while focusing, but doesn’t work during the shot itself. So my pictures are completely black …

It works with the Google Camera app.

Any way to fix this with the stock app ?


Let’s wait and see … the maintainer was made aware that it is still the same in the first test build of LineageOS 15.1 (based on Android 8.1).


I have a new fp2 with LOS 15.1…910 with microG and the main camera keeps crashing in 90% oft the cases.
It is very Bad, because everything else is working very nicely.
Even the selfie camera works without problems.
The open camera APP keeps also crashing.
Pictures are looking very odd, before the camera APP closes with “mediaserver ist abgestürzt”.
Are there any other options than LOS 14, FPOSOS and waiting?
Before it crashes it looks like this:

weird… did not have that issue with Open Camera… at least file a bug report at Open Camera…

Have you tried the usual removal & putting back into place of the camera module? Especially the first shot looks like it could be caused by contact issues.