Camera issues with Lineage

Cant confirm this problem.
Camera (the first module) worked with LOS 14.1 and now with 15.1 without problems. Maybe it is a hardware problem?

OK, sry and I thought it is a known LOS issue. I removed the module completely and put it back according this instruction
Now open camera is working very well after testing it 10 times. The standard camera app claims, that the sdcard is missing, but open camera is using it. Not an issue for me.
Thanks a lot @urs_lesse!
I confirm now the camera is working on LOS 15.1


I’ve FP2 and LineageOS 15.1 20180917, works only front camera not rear camera


Can you try and give the app OpenCamera s shot? You can find in in the F-Droid store.
AFAIK the stock camera app in LOS 15.1 has problems with the flash, which is not in sync while taking pictures.

I’ve tryed OpenCamera too! No rear camera only front

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